Friday, April 29, 2011

Has it really been...


a week since Easter? I don't know where the time goes! I decided to have an extended Easter break - very decadent I know - but things will be back to normal next week I promise!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our Easter celebrations from last week.

Lots of pretty packages -

a yummy lunch with family in the beautiful sunshine -

and plenty of easter treats for the kids (big ones included!) -

made for a wonderful Easter Sunday at ChezB! Hope your Easter was special too!

Happy, happy weekend to you all,
Stephie x

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Most happiest ...


of -

Easters -

to you!

Stephie x

Gorgeous images from Julia Hoersch, found via the wonderful Maria - thankyou!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Because it wouldn't be...

Easter without chocolate, bunnies and eggs, today I am featuring some of my favourites!

 First up, yummy chocolate from The Ticket Kitchen -

I don't think that chocolate gets any better than this and the styling is just beautiful! This shop is the brain child of AmberLee and Andrea and opened this year on my birthday - what a nice pressie! I have been a long time follower of AmberLee's blog. You can check it out here.

Next are these gorgeous bunnies from Shannah -

This is the current collection especially for Spring. There are only a few pieces left so you'll have to be quick if you'd like one! You can also have a look at previous work here and if there is something you like, the lovely Shannah will be happy to custom make it for you. I love these!

And, finally, the beautiful work of Paloma's Nest. I think they speak for themselves -

not only do they look lovely but they are non fattening so you can have as many as you want - see I really do have your best interests at heart!

Happy Wednesday,
Stephie x

Friday, April 15, 2011

Say Cheese!


I am very fond of all things vintage but I especially love vintage cameras. I think they look great when grouped as a collection -

Top row: "Photography Vignette" via Bright Bazaar and vintage camera collection, image via Etherian Home

Bottom row: image via Woman's Day, cameras in frames via The Design Files and vintage camera wall display via Unpllgd

and equally as good as stand alone pieces -

Clockwise from the top left: image via here, Eastman Kodak Co Brownie movie camera from secondseed, vintage Kodak Flash Fun Hawk Eye camera, 1958 Samoca camera available from WellWudJaLookAtThat and vintage Polaroid Land Camera from goodygirlred

Vintage cameras take some great pictures -

Across the top: vintage photo and glass bottle display via Apartment Therapy, vintage photo collection and antique cabinet cards from becaruns

Along the bottom: "Lady by House" vintage photo, Original Vintage Photo of Table laid with Flowers from middayvintage and vintage paper ephemera kit from burstsofcreativity

and look great in pictures themselves -

Clockwise from the top: "Camera Collection" photography print, "Shutterbug" retro inspired photographs by TCaponePhoto, "Savoy", "Leave Nothing Behind" and "Play" prints all available from Lola's Room - I love her work! "Blue Camera" print via onelittlemoment

 They are also lovely when adapted into more contemporary
works -

On the left: Bill Brown's Pixel Camera wall decals found via Joe's Daily, "Cameras Hanging Out" print available from smalltower and "Geraldine with her Camera" print by poppoportraits

To the right: vintage Ansco camera printed pillows from intheseam, "Point and Click" print via ParadaCreations, green vintage camera watercolour print available from eastashleystudio, ceramic cameras available from Twine

Gorgeous methinks!

Happy weekend and don't forget to -

"Smile Smile Smile" print available from YellowHeartArt

Stephie x

Monday, April 11, 2011

You might remember...

that a couple of weeks ago I spoke of my struggle with coulropbobia.

Just when I thought I had gotten over my fear of clowns -

it turns out -

that I actually have raised one -

Where did I go wrong?!

It's OK! This is my son Matt in a photoshoot so thankfully it's a one time only (fingers crossed) gig! Photos by the super talented Claudine Pereira.

Happy Monday,
Stephie x

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sugary treats..


for fellow "sweet tooths" - like me!

Clockwise from the top left: White chocolate raspberry macarons, vintage sugar cubes available from pollygolightly, "Polly Grip The Sweet Tooth Fairy" glittery print available from andreakett, "Tingled Pink" lollipops from mihow, tooth cookie cutter - in case you ever feel the need to eat some teeth - from ForbesFarmDestash and Retro Rock Candy Floss (image via Out to Lunch)

And because I wouldn't want you to think that I didn't have your dental hygiene interests at heart, don't forget to -

Print available from KeepCalmShop

I hope you get a little (or big?!) "sugar fix" this weekend,
Stephie x

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Open wide...


it's time to look at teeth!

I know that they are probably not the first thing that springs to mind when shopping for items for your home but upon closer "examination" I think I have found some interesting tooth - related pieces that could possibly find their way into your living space.

There are some great vintage dental pieces -

Clockwise from the top left: Articulated dental light available from Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings, vintage dentist's stool via The New Victorian Ruralist, 1920 vintage Schobert's dental label by Helen La Ruse, vintage aluminium medical clipboards, antique dental mirrors, vintage dental cabinet - image via thevintagelaundress

and some teeth that are bright and contemporary -

Top row:  "Toothypeg" stool available from Matt Blatt, "floss" aluminium sign from gaugenyc

Bottom row: "Square Teeth" screenprint on red available from aliciasartifactory , Dada Dental Cabinet via Study and " The Letter 'T' ''neon sign -image by sandydyasphotography

There are teeth to suit those who are a little more fond of things geeky and freaky -

Left hand row: Itybitybags "Monsieur Molar", "The Tooth Will Set You Free" tshirt via Yabo, tooth monster plushies from coucousalut and minty fresh "Chompers"soap available from AubreyEApothecary - what a cool way to freak out your guests!

In the middle: "He Said He Liked Sweets" by PaperThinSaga (very cool shop) and "I Could Eat Your Teeth" print by nearmoderndisaster - I love this!

On the right: "Brusha" giclee' print via kellyportfolio and emmaklingbeil's "Tooth Monster" print

and, of course, some teethy items for the kids -

Top row: tooth fairy pillow with chart by looploft, little hemp tooth fairy pillow, "Brush Your Teeth" print via BellyBabies, custom smiley tooth fairy pillows from mallo

In the centre: wall decal by XpressionsThatStick and Tooth Fairy pouch bag by 3crafties

On the bottom: The Official Tooth Fairy Kit from the Office of the Tooth Fairy (I wish this had been around when my kids were losing their teeth) and DentalSaurus Rex Embroidustration by benrum

And finally, for those of you who like a little "bling" -

how could you go past this awesome Mister Pot(ato) Head print by BrokenHeartSocial?

So there you have it - I hope you found some pieces that you can sink your teeth into - sorry, I couldn't resist!

Happy Wednesday,
Stephie x

Friday, April 1, 2011

One "Carnival" theme...

two different parties!

First up, here's a party I put together for a certain five year old who wanted to mix clowns with disco balls (as you do!) -

After accepting the fact that clowns were going to be the stars of the show, I decided on a red and yellow theme with lots of clown noses, funny glasses, popcorn and, you guessed it, disco balls!

The addition of a simple birthday cake, balloons and a clown doll (made by me, StephieB!) made for very happy little boy!

Next up, a more "grown up" celebration involving a slick city night club -

a navy blue, yellow and olive green colour scheme -

and lots of fresh flowers and "carnival" touches -

So there you have it, whether you are young or "young at heart" it's never too late to have a circus celebration!

I hope your weekend is full of popcorn and fairy floss,
Stephie x

PS I am soooo looking forward to spending Saturday morning catching up with all of you!