Friday, June 22, 2012



library -

you have -

when you -

don't have -

the space for -

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Aren't these amazing?! A book on one page -  not only beautiful pieces of art for your walls - 

but you can read the full text of your favourite classic from start to finish. How fabulous would they look in a family room or kid's space. I love them! Just one question - do they come with a special bookmark or do you have to commit to the full read all at once?!

Available from the ever so clever people at Spineless Classics. Are you tempted?

Wishing you a weekend that's wonderful,
Stephie x

Friday, June 15, 2012


Image via:  The Bride's Diary


I have to admit that I have a serious arrow crush at the moment. Not only are they useful when -

Vintage signs via: Gizmo and HooHa, lacklusterco and Covent Garden Vintage

it comes to -

Images via: Design*Sponge and butter home

pointing us in the right direction but arrows really make quite beautiful decorating pieces. 

They can be -

Images via: Indulgy and Fletcher and Fox

pretty and pastel or -

On the left: The Red Jet and Indulgy, in the middle: Making It Lovely and to the right: Love and Folly and Indulgy

more earthy in tone. They translate into lovely -

Available from: The Collection of Cool, Mookah, Spool and Sparrow Shop and boosterseat 

textiles and -

Along the top: Being Geek Chic and Project Type and, across the bottom: Play on Words Art, Local Produce MPLS (my favourite!) and Vicinity Studio

artworks, as well as -

Left hand side: The Thunderbird Shop  and, on the right: Decor Dir and ZinMag Chronicle

quirky furniture pieces. 

Arrows look lovely when displayed around the home -

Images via: Making It Lovely, Modge Podge Rocks! and The Collection Studio


On the left: Love It A Lot and Snippet and Ink and, on the right: Best- Friends for Frosting, The Collection Studio and Love It A Lot 

make a sweet celebratory statement too!

Happy weekend and remember -

Image via: smalltalkstudio

I am sure that it will take you to where you need to be!
Stephie x

Friday, June 8, 2012

A few...





weekend at


Gardens on Forest

Bridal Expo! I had a lot of fun and met some great suppliers and Brides To Be. I am really looking forward to styling some special events in the future! A big thank you to Gardens on Forest for having me.

Most happiest of long weekends to you,

Stephie x