Friday, March 30, 2012

Hush little baby....

don't say a word -

Mamma's gonna buy you -

a -

Rocking Bird!

Aren't they beautiful? Not to mention a little Eames like too! Available from West Elm. I am very tempted!

Tweet, tweet, may your weekend be super sweet,
Stephie x

Friday, March 23, 2012

Time to...



The latest NIB Challenge is on and it's all about celebrations so today I thought I'd share some scenes from a VIP Birthday Dinner I put together recently.

Inspired by some Marimekko napkins, the colour scheme was bright and summery -

with splashes of white -

some pretty pink  roses -

and spray painted animals - 

dressed up with polka dot bows - 

A side table was made festive by adding some party hats -

and blowers -

some pretty pink gum blossoms -

a fun quote -

and, of course -


All in all, fresh and fun! And the VIP client? Well - that was me! I am sure all the pink was a bit of a giveaway!

May your weekend be fun and festive, 
Stephie x

Friday, March 16, 2012

Whether it's...


pale and pretty -

Images:  Modecodesign, Lola's Room, alicewphotography, Green Bicycle and Deck Chairs Online

or soft and minty - 

Images: Modern Rags, 3News, CraftBangBoom and My Friend's House

vibrant and citrussy -

Images: Wedding Decor, Birch and Bird, Home and Office Decoration, Interiorz and Home Trend and Design

more muted in olive -

Images: picsdecor, Houzz, jumahl and Google

or bold in emerald -   

Images: Wedding Wire, Green Wedding Shoes, Spicer and Bank, The Lennox, Squidoo and Dallas Observer 

Green is a very versatile colour when it comes to decorating. I hope that you feel inspired to channel your inner leprechaun and enjoy your greens!

Image: Cake Events Blog

May this weekend bring you all the luck of the Irish,
Stephie x

Friday, March 9, 2012

In the...


Image via: Helt Enkelt


Beautiful in black -

Left image: Budgetwise Home and right hand side:  My Design Guide

or white -

Left hand image: Talk is Chic and right hand images: N C Geigers and The Decorologist

or gold -

Left side: Talk is Chic and on the right: Master Framersand Budgetwise Home

in colours that are bold -

Clockwise from the top left: Talk is Chic, Slow Noodle, Velvet Palette and FeFiFoFun

or more subdued -

Images via: The Decorologist, Rustic Prairie Cottage and Budgetwise Homeetwise Home

Frames can be used to create displays which are ordered and graphic -

Images via: HGTV, DLK Collection and Tip Junkie

or those which are a little more relaxed and vintage in nature -

Images via: Apartment Therapy, Designer's Row and Ruffled

Frames make for fun when it comes decorating at home -

Frame Cluster Chandelier, Familjen Wallpaper, The Picture Table and Wouter Scheublin Frame Chair

or a special event -

Images via: Belle, The Magazine, Janay A, Vintage Wedding Style, Ruffled,  Modele Weddings and Wedding by Colour

or even your face -

Left hand side: roopvintage and right hand side: Retro Spectacles Eyewear and Vintage Glasses 

and can help to give words -

On the top: The Paper Nest Co. and The Visual Merchandising Blog and bottom row: Annaleenas HEM, Talk is Chic and A Beautiful Mess

and memories -

Along the top: Google, Fritts Creativeand Her Little Place  and across the bottom: Craft Stew, The Inspired Room and Pinterest


Frames are so versatile that they can even make exercise  -

via Apartment Therapy

look stylish- if that's humanly possible!

May your weekend be fabulous and remember -

"We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours"
                              Dag Hammarskjold                                                                                 

Stephie x

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fancy some...

"Bubbles" Print available from here


Of course, we all know that bubbles put the fun in bubblegum -

"Bubblegum Betty" print and images on the right via: here and here

and bubblebaths -

Left hand side: HGTV and on the right: Coastal Lifestyle and Adventures in Flip Flops

but bubbles can  also make quite the statement when used in architecture -

Top image: Accidentally Occidental and bottom images: Armen Atoyan and Marco Island Pictures

and around  the home -

The "Bubble Wrap" Bathroom, atoniolupi "Bubble" Countertop Basin and Home design Decorating Lighting

They make both stylish -

Clockwise from the top left: "Bubble" electrical fireplace, Bubble ChairEero Aarnio Double Bubble Table lamp, "Bubble" Side table and Mambo "Bubble" Seats

and quirky -

Top image: "Bubbles" wall mirror and bottom images via: Intimate Weddings and Neatorama

decorator pieces as well.

Bubbles can also provide us with a fun way to communicate both in every day life  -

Images via: Teal Bird Concepts, InitialYou and singlestonestudios

or at special occasions -

Top row: Chalk Style and "Bubbles" photographic print and bottom row: Teal Bird Concepts and Photojojo

They can also offer a stylish solution when it comes to displaying flowers and plants -

Top row images: Life of a Rock Star and West Elm and bottom row via:  A Special Day, Lamps Plus and Nordic House

My favourite bubbles of all though are the ones that make -

Images via: Vintage Posters, and housetohome

champagne pop! No surprises there!

Happy weekend and don't forget -

"Champagne 2" Quotation from paperwords11

Stephie x

PS A big shout out to missb who awarded me a Leibster Award. Thankyou so much - your sweet comment made my day! Check out missb's blog here - it's always a great read.