Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last weekend...


my gorgeous assistant (and niece!) made her First Holy Communion.

We enjoyed a lovely celebration where white -

and  butterflies -

and all things  pretty

were the order of the day -

Congratulations beautiful Niamh. May you will always look back upon this day fondly. So glad we could share it with you.

Happy Wednesday,
Stephie x

Friday, June 24, 2011



Image via: 2Modern

       Milk glass!

Originally made in Venice and Florence in the 1500s and then in the 18th century in England as a substitute for porcelain, this beautiful opaque white glass now finds itself looking quite at home in contemporary decorating.

 Milk glass looks great as a 

single piece -

Image sources: The Rhubarb Studio and Honey's Treasures

as part of a small grouping -

Images via: Ask Cynthia,Vintage Serenity and Hannah Bella Memories

or  larger collection -

Sources: A Life's Design, Inspire Bohemia and A Vintage Affair

You can add  food -

Yummy images from: Hostess with the Mostess andAt Home with Kim Vallee

succulents -

Images via: Apartment Therapy, Casa Sugar and Jill Hannah

and  flowers -

Lovely pics from: Design*Sponge and Liesubrinflam

and make a celebration look really  special -

Images: Wedding Bee, Design*Sponge and Ruffled

 Aren't you glad that porcelain was so expensive?!

Wishing you a weekend that is white and wonderful,
Stephie x

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's take a look at...


some amazing furniture pieces created by the ever so talented Bo Reudler Studio.

There are -

some -

and -

as well as -

and my favourite, these -

I love these. To me these pieces would look right at home in any Tim Burton movie - which can only be a good thing!

They are all part of  the 

    "Slow White" 

collection. You can check out the rest of it here.

 I told you that this week it was all about white!

Wishing you a whimsical Wednesday,
Stephie x

Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything is going to be...

     all white!

here at StephieB this week, starting with some lovely interiors.

White can be used to make a space -

clean and contemporary -

Images via: Design Home Interior, Style-ING w/Children and Apartment Therapy

or more country and cosy -

Images via: Lula Days, Comfortable Home and Home Klondike

white can make a sleeping space dreamy -

Image credits: Trinkets and Treasures, Daily Dream Decor and The Thrifty Cardinal

and create a sanctuary    in which to bathe -

Images via: Wayside Treasures and The Lennoxx

And although white has been used to create these fun     children's spaces -

Image credits: Maggy Moon Interiors, Country Living and Remodelista

I am yet to be convinced that white and kids are a good mix!

So there you have it, some monochromatic musings for you on a Monday,
Stephie x

Friday, June 17, 2011



"They" Illustration Print by smacshop


It's that time of the year when we celebrate those born under the Astrological sign of Gemini and so today it's all about twins!

Twins make some pretty stylish looking furniture -

"Twins" chair by Vadim Kibardin, "Twins" lights, Phillippe Nigro "Twins"chairs, chairs, and "Twins" furniture unit by Daniele Lago

as well as rather impressive sculptures -

"Twins I and II" by Jaume Plensa, "Sea Folds" by Christina Parrett Brinkman and "Twins" ceramic sculpture by J.D. Perkin

and beautiful mixed media pieces -

On the left: "See Me" mixed media piece by Marlene London and To the right:  "Connection Number 4" embroidery by Mary's Granddaughter and W "school" embroidery by Narioka Works

They can be artworks that are pretty -

Emily Finan's "Victorian Twins" (my favourite!), "Orchard Twins" by Art and Ghosts and "Twins" print by carambatack

or pretty bizarre -

Top row: "Twins" by Everyone is Mad Here (LOVE it!) and "Seeing Double" screenprinted poster  and along the bottom: "Gemini" by Elsita, "The Twins" altered art photograph painting and "Frida Kahlo, Potrait of Sisters" print by 3crows

Maybe you would prefer your art to be part of a "Twin Set"? -

Clockwise from the top left: "Go Ask" print blocks from John Golden, "You Are My Sunshine" set of two prints, "Till Death" set of two prints, Typography print gift set. "Love is all You Need" print set and "Morning Coffee" prints

My very favourite twins though are Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee -

"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum" felt robots, Twedle dee and Tweedle Dun Alice in Wonderland silhouette printgift bags, Alice in Wonderland "Tweedle dee" sketch, "Twedle Dee and Tweedle Dum" art doll by Cart Before the Horse and The Black Apple's version

very Wonderland indeed!

A happy happy Friday to you all and I hope you enjoyed your lesson in gemellogy.

May your weekend be "double" the fun,
Stephie x

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You can...

"Happy in a Hat" Print by Poppopportraits


maybe you'd like to leave it on a hat stand instead?!

They make beautiful sculptural pieces in timber -

On the left: image via - Vix Emporium and antique wood hat block; in the centre: antique style wooden hat stand and on the right: vintage "Capital" hat block, Bowler Hat block and  vintage hat block on a turned base

 and metal -

Top row: wire hat stand, vintage metal hat block and vintage wire hat stand; Bottom row: 2 vintage velvet covered wire hat stands, vintage department store display hat stands and set of two vintage hat stands

or can be given a quriky twist -

Clockwise from the top left: vintage German figural hat stands, vintage 1950s "Whimsie" fashion cardboard hat stand by Dori, Stangl 1965 vintage hat stand, Painted hat blocks by David Weidman and painted vintage hat block

They are also a lot of fun when given a more contemporary take -

On the top: "Modern" hat stand and acrylic hat display stand and across the bottom: acrylic hat stand set with cork tops, Matitoni clothes and hat stand and "Jappo" hat stand

and look wonderful when collected -

Along the top: set of four vintage hat stands  and vintage milliners blocks; Bottom row: vintage industrial hat blocks, "Hat Blocks"and vintage English Oak hat stands

They really don't even need to be reserved especially for hats -

Gorgeous bow tie collection from Forage ( they are so clever!)

And don't forget -

"All your future lies
  beneath your hat"

                                                        (John Oldham)

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful,
Stephie x

Friday, June 10, 2011

To celebrate...

the Queen's Birthday (yes, we are still a part of the "Empire"!) it's a long weekend here in Sydney. So today I leave you with a salute to all things British -

Winston Bulldog Union Jack cushion, Union jack "Big Match" chair, British cotton Union Jack 1950s vintage bunting, Jan Constantine Love Heart Union Jack mug and Union jack tin lunchbox

I am giving myself an early mark and heading out with the family to Vivid - should be good!

Hope your weekend is blessed with an abundance of -

Image via: John Lewis

Stephie x

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just a spoonful...

Tonight I am off to see the Mary Poppins musical here in Sydney. It makes me giggle when you tell someone that you are going, as, no matter who it is, they burst into a rousing chorus of the "Spoonful of Sugar" song!

That being said, before I head out today it's all about - yes you have probably already guessed it -


They look great when they are old and well loved -

On the left:  image by Small Things Simple Pleasures and vintage iced tea spoons via Retrogroovie; On the right: old wooden spoons via My Messy Life and "Queen Bess" Oneida spoons available from Wishing Wells Glass

and come in handy when measuring in the kitchen -

Top row: Matryoshka measuring spoons and  "Bird" measuring spoonsAlong the bottom:  "Heart" measuring spoons, measuring spoons in porcelain and "Dining Room" measuring spoons

They also make interesting pieces when repurposed -

Clockwise from the top left:  Framed cutlery made by Spunky Junky,  "Place Setting" hook rack from Anthropologie, 1937 "Rose and Leaf" silver spoon bracelet, "Fidelis" antique silver spoon ring and personalised spoons coatrack

but my favourite spoons are the custom stamped ones like these, found on Etsy -

Available from Monkeys Always Look

I ordered some and used them at Christmas time at ChezB -

Such a lot of fun!

I am really looking forward to tonight and I hope this Wednesday brings a little something special your way too,

Stephie x

Monday, June 6, 2011

I have a confession to make...


I love, love, LOVE Kay Bojesen's wooden toys -

Images via:  Modern Design Interior, dog milk, Modern Art and Design on Pedersholm, Modcats and Lauritz com Oslo

truly gorgeous!

My favourite though is the monkey -

Images via: Meta Interiors, Design for Children and Modernicus

He pops up -

Image via: Ifra Lahell

in many a home -

Image via: Dottie Angel

including the odd client's -

Photo by me, StephieB!

and -

Photo by me, StephieB!

also at ChezB!

So there you have it - a little bit of "Monkey Business" for you on a Monday!

Stephie x