Friday, September 30, 2011


Sunshine Yellow Large Oval Frame via Retro Pops

fun -

Vintage Pyrex Yellow Daisy Cinderella Bowl Set available from sassboxclassics

fresh -

Vintage Yellow Rotary Phone by Soviet Vintage

sunny -

"Sail" Embroidery Hoop Art by Merriweather Council

yellow -

"Bigger Boat" screen print from Mengsel Design

finds -

Yellow Phrase vinyl decal from Danni's Yellow Pop Up Shop - I already have some of these heading my way!

for you on a Friday!

Happy weekend and don't forget to -

"Do What You Love" print by Letter Happy

Stephie x

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What do you get...

when you are asked to deck out a space for a boy who loves yellow and all things horse related? 

One very sweet bedroom- 

created by me -


My client is most pleased with his new room, as am I. His mum is pretty happy too which is always a plus when doing kids' spaces. A good result all round methinks!

Happy, happy Wednesday,
Stephie x

Monday, September 26, 2011

And it was all...

Image via: Ruffled


As many of you would be well aware, when it comes to colour, it's usually all about pink for me. Lately though, there has been a lot of yellow in my life and so this week, yes, it's all about yellow!

Yellow can make a chair cheerful   -

On the left: via Happy Camper  and, to the right: Apartment Therapy and Interior Design News

 or a kitchen -

Images via: Kitchen Design, Home Designing, Davinong and Cabinets for Kitchen

or living space sunny -

To the left: Flickr and on the right: InteriOriginal and Kunz Design

Yellow can bring a bathroom to life -

Images via: InteriOriginal, House Interior Design and Practical Decorating

 and make a bedroom for the young -

Images via: Flickr, Dana Home and Modern Interior Home Decoration Ideas

or the young at heart fresh and fabulous -

Left hand image: Dana Home, right hand images: House Stuff Works

Yellow can form part of a subtle celebration -

Clockwise from the top left: Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Love and Lavender, The Sweetest Occasion and Wedding Wire

or make your party pop -

Clockwise from the top left: Alaska Bride and Groom, Style Me Pretty, Urbanity Studios and Hostess with the Mostess

All in all when you take a good look at it, yellow really knows how to make a statement. Maybe you could introduce a little of it into your surrounds too?!

Hugs and a happy Monday to you,
Stephie x

Friday, September 23, 2011



things just don't go according to plan and so...

with a view to visiting all things yellow next week, today leave you with these quirky -

Available from Lark End Design

and -

Image via: Retrovertigo

oddly appealing (to me anyway) -

"After The Feast Comes The Reckoning" from The Found Retail

vintage -

"When The Cat's Away" Mugshot available from here

mugshot posters.

Just a little bit of fun with faces for you on a Friday - the last one is my favourite!

Happy weekend and, stay out of trouble, unless, of course, you fancy a personalised poster of your own!

Stephie x

Friday, September 16, 2011

Goodness me...

"The Girl Who Loves Spring" by Paola Zakimi

I can't believe it's been such a long time between posts and that spring is already here! It's just my favourite time of the year. I love that the sun is warm, that there is colour in the garden and that the smell of freesias fills the air. 

I am looking forward to catching up with you all to see what you have been up to and getting back to regular posting. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post, I really appreciated them all.

May your weekend be wonderful and see you next week when I'll be taking a look at all things yellow,
Stephie x