Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mirror, mirror...

Image via here

Lovely as stand alone pieces -

Top row: Remodelista and Rachel Covets, bottom row: Winston's Roost, Remodelista and Gap Interiors

or displayed as a collection -

Images via: Thrifty Fun, Flickr, Rachel Covets and Home Shopping Spy

vintage mirrors can make quite the decorating statement!

They look beautiful in bedrooms -

On the left: First Sense and to the right: My Sparrow and Home Shopping Spy

and bathrooms -

Pinterest, My Sparrow and Decor Pad

as well as entrances -

Left hand side: My Sparrow and on the right: Home Shopping Spy and I Want I Want I Want

living areas -

Images via: Flickr, A Beach Cottage and Remodelista

and other special nooks around the home -

Design Sponge, That Beat That My Heart Skipped and Winston's Roost

Vintage mirrors also can be quite a talking point when used in ways unexpected, whether it be in smaller groupings -

Left hand side: Windsor at Tyron Village and on the right: Miss Sew & So and Pretty Mom Guide

or on a grander scale -

Images via: Apartment Therapy, en Route and Poppytalk

I have collected quite a few vintage mirrors over the years and I love having them displayed around my home. Maybe there are those of you out there that also have your own collections, or maybe you now feel inspired to start collecting!

Happy Wednesday and remember -

  "Life is a mirror and will     reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it." 

                                                               Ernest Holmes

Stephie x

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whimsical wallpapers....


for you -

"Aleister Crowley"

on a -

"Cattle Kate"


I have been an admirer of the "Grow House Grow!" wallpapers for a little while now and I love that Katie has just released her 2011 "Time Line" collection -

"Hotel Fantome"

"Ode to the Unhasty"


What I love even more is that each design has a story behind it, my favourite being "Ms Ward" -

a tribute to a rather wonderful woman with a passion for science. 

The thing that I love most of all though is that I have just ordered some samples for my place -

"Captain Smith"

so watch this space!

Even if wallpapering a wall really isn't your thing, the samples are a good size and would look rather lovely when framed- so maybe you could set up your own little gallery?!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful,
Stephie x  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time to take a look at...


Always a popular feature in kid's rooms -

Images via: Creamy Life, Remodelista and Living Etc.

teepees can also make a rather stylish addition to a more adult space -

Top row: Classic Bride and Sara's Party Perfect; bottom row: Feather and Nest and Creamy Life

They look great in the garden -

Clockwise from the top left: Project Wedding, Remodelista, Poddleblog and Flickr

and can provide support for plants -

Images from: Smart Jane's Thoughts, Deirdre's Garden Diary, iheartfarms, Mutiny in the Garden and Kennedy's Victory Garden and Life

or a home for birds -

On the left: Floral Bird Teepee and to the right: Eco Friendly Bird Feeding Station and Frank Lloyd Wright "TeePee" Birdhouse

They can take on a real sculptural quality when made out of sticks -

Via: Manana, travelpod and 123RF

or when lit up against the night sky -

Via: Jonathan Tolhurst, Three Eggs and Creamy Life 

Teepees can be the source of inspiration for decorator items for your home -

Teepee style lamps and Teepee teatowel available from Etsy seller Lineacarta

or your walls -

"Fancy Living" Print by Kelli Murray, "TeePee" digital art available from Puffed Peonies and "Teepee For Two" fine art print via thispapership

and can add style to your celebration -

Clockwise from the top: Ruffled, Utterly Engaged, Ruffled, papa kata and English Wedding

In fact, some teepees look so good -

Left hand side: Upside Down and Inside Out and to the right: Mesh and Lace and Three Eggs

that they almost make me want to spend more time outdoors - I said almost!

So there you have it, a little pow wow about wig wams for you on a Wednesday!

Stephie x

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's all about...


balance at this "Libran" time of the year and so lets take a look at scales!

Scales can be -

vintage reminders of days in the kitchen -

Images via: Moxiethrift, Passed By, Living The Sweet Life, Epochco and Feather and Branch

or of days when work was a little more gentle in pace -

Clockwise from the top left: The Bees Knees Vintage, Ethanollie, Emily Thayer, scarletbegoniavntg and Capt Kodak

They make great retro pieces -

Top row: Family Feedbag and Style Hive; Bottom row: Whorange, Flyingace and This Next

and also look rather fetching when given a modern twist -

Top row: Style Hive and This Next; Along the bottom: Retro To Go and Chambermade

Scales make for a lovely display at home -

On the left: Compulsively Compiled and to the right:  Paper Pastries and Tattered Style

 or at a special occasion-

Images via: The Sweetest Occasion, The Savvy Bride, Lovely Clusters and The Found Blog

When you think about it they really are a versatile little piece. Perhaps the only time that I don't really like scales around is when -

Vintage bathroom scales via: Marybeth Hale, Suzincolo and Agave

they remind me that I have been enjoying my food too much!

So there you have it, some whimsy with weights for you on a Wednesday!
Stephie x

PS: A big shout to Naomi - most happiest of birthdays to you lovely cousin of mine!