Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Vintage...

Christmas decorating scheme for you on a Wednesday!

There is something magical about using vintage pieces for Christmas decorating, especially here in Australia where it is usually hot at this time of the year. Somehow these sorts of pieces make the season feel a little more wintery and special methinks!

From left to right: very sweet vintage noel banner from Stacey Winters. I love milk glass and have quite a good collection myself! These lovely pieces are from here. Plexiglass doily cutout reindeer. Vintage cookie cutters. Deer silhouette print. Lovely letterpress printing blocks. Cute vintage flashcards (have fun with the kids with these!). Wooden placecard holders from Woods of Narnia and last but not least these fantastic spoons which can be customised with whatever words suit your fancy. Available from Monkeys Always Look.

Here's to some woodland and whimsy this Christmas,
Stephie x


  1. I love a good vintage Christmas look, what great finds!

  2. Thanks Victoria! I'm glad you like them, Stephie x