Friday, September 23, 2011



things just don't go according to plan and so...

with a view to visiting all things yellow next week, today leave you with these quirky -

Available from Lark End Design

and -

Image via: Retrovertigo

oddly appealing (to me anyway) -

"After The Feast Comes The Reckoning" from The Found Retail

vintage -

"When The Cat's Away" Mugshot available from here

mugshot posters.

Just a little bit of fun with faces for you on a Friday - the last one is my favourite!

Happy weekend and, stay out of trouble, unless, of course, you fancy a personalised poster of your own!

Stephie x


  1. I always find mugshots really poignant. I can't help but think they are someone's daughter or son and that life didn't quite go to plan for them. I know, that's a bit serious but that's just the way I roll!!! Em :)

  2. Hello Stephie:
    One can but wonder what particular crime these individuals have committed. In the main they do not look like hardened criminals....but perhaps it is always the ones one least expects?!!!

    The spectacles being worn in the first and third photographs would put Dame Edna to shame!!

  3. I wonder what crimes were committed...

    have a great weekend,


  4. That last one made me laugh out loud!

  5. Great faces, when you have time then look at the faces of Anja!
    Have a Happy weekend too, Helmi

  6. Interesting faces... there must be a story behind each photo.

  7. Lol :) funny faces and a little strange.They produced me a lot of laugh...Perhaps in two centuries more our faces will be strange...
    Have a nice week !
    Many hugs dear stephie and thanks for visit my blog !

  8. I hope Em that they weren't in too much trouble - I hadn't thought of it that way. I just thought that they were quirky and interesting. I would love to know their stories.

    You are right Jane and Lance - it's always the ones you least suspect but lets hope otherwise. Maybe Dame Edna took her inspiration from these?!

    Me too e! I hope nothing too serious otherwise I would feel bad about finding them so amusing.

    I love the last one too Victoria.

    Hi jkd - glad you liked them!

    Will do Helmi - thanks for the link!

    I think that there must be a story for each DT. It would be fun to find out, or maybe not knowing is better?!

    Hello dear Kena - I am glad you had a giggle. I wonder what people will think of our faces in the future. It's a pity we won't be around to find out. I will visit again soon. Hope you are well.

    Happy Monday and thanks everyone for taking the time to visit.

    Hugs, Stephie x