Wednesday, February 1, 2012

With a Knick - Knack....

Image via here


Makers of the loveliest soy wax candle collections, including -


and -


as well as -


and -

    "Journey of The Bee"

I think these just might be my most favourite candles ever! 

Of course, it wouldn't be a StephieB post without playing favourites. It's a toss up between -


and -


Choices! Choices!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful,
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie:
    Are we the only people in the world not to possess a single scented candle?!!!!

  2. I think so Jane and Lance. Perhaps it's time to do a little online shopping?! Stephie x

  3. I'm obsessed with scented candles and have quite a few but don't know this brand - they look so stylish too especially Journey of the Bee and Library - lovely!

  4. ooh these look lovely, and i'm sure they smell delightful as well. i only started really smelling candles when i came across tahaa from glasshouse, which is sold in peter alexander. it is truly sensational, smells amazing hehe.

    love, the NaNa girls x

  5. My, the packaging alone is amazing in this collection! I can hardly imagine how great they must smell.

    Again I wish for 'scratch & sniff' blog technology!

    Big hug,

  6. These are super cute, too! I wish I could smell them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I love those first candles...perfect all around!

  8. Lovely! I've been trying to find the perfect candle to scent my (tiny) space too. Those are all very cute.

  9. i love candles... i use them all the time. :)

    enjoy your wknd!