Friday, June 15, 2012


Image via:  The Bride's Diary


I have to admit that I have a serious arrow crush at the moment. Not only are they useful when -

Vintage signs via: Gizmo and HooHa, lacklusterco and Covent Garden Vintage

it comes to -

Images via: Design*Sponge and butter home

pointing us in the right direction but arrows really make quite beautiful decorating pieces. 

They can be -

Images via: Indulgy and Fletcher and Fox

pretty and pastel or -

On the left: The Red Jet and Indulgy, in the middle: Making It Lovely and to the right: Love and Folly and Indulgy

more earthy in tone. They translate into lovely -

Available from: The Collection of Cool, Mookah, Spool and Sparrow Shop and boosterseat 

textiles and -

Along the top: Being Geek Chic and Project Type and, across the bottom: Play on Words Art, Local Produce MPLS (my favourite!) and Vicinity Studio

artworks, as well as -

Left hand side: The Thunderbird Shop  and, on the right: Decor Dir and ZinMag Chronicle

quirky furniture pieces. 

Arrows look lovely when displayed around the home -

Images via: Making It Lovely, Modge Podge Rocks! and The Collection Studio


On the left: Love It A Lot and Snippet and Ink and, on the right: Best- Friends for Frosting, The Collection Studio and Love It A Lot 

make a sweet celebratory statement too!

Happy weekend and remember -

Image via: smalltalkstudio

I am sure that it will take you to where you need to be!
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie:
    What a splendidly imaginative and beautifully presented, as always, post. We do hope that at least more than one of these wonderful arrows will come to rest with you, and that others will point you in the direction of a perfect weekend.

  2. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

  3. your arrow crush is so cute <3

  4. Wow, I absolutely love this post! I would have never thought arrows could be so cute and useful!

  5. Beautiful blog :)

  6. so lovely things :-) I really like them
    Have a good weekend too :-)

  7. I'd haver never thought arrows could be so amazing to decorate!
    Great post, loved it

  8. I really like you blog dear!
    Keep posting, you do it great! :)


  9. Such cute looks!! Hope you are having a fab weekend! xo

  10. They look great! And in doodling point to your ambitions and desires as stated in my upcoming that's ;ife column...we are in synch!!!

  11. I really like arrows, too -- especially "one-way" signs. Not sure why.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. wow! these make amazing inspirations. :) love it, stephie! have a great week! :)

  13. I am always amazed about all those treasures that you find for one specil theme like in this post the arrows. Wow, all are so wonderful, I especially like the cushions and prints. Hope you are fine ! xo, Britta

  14. Interesting decorating idea!!! Love the cushions!!! Would like to have a few for my sofa.
    Have a nice day!

  15. wow , many cool ideas Stephie, thx :)

  16. awesome ideas! adore!arrows are very funny to look at - I bet they get you a great mood

    Inside and Outside Blog

  17. Wow you have fun collection every time..I'm looking forward to see them always..