Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garter, moss, purl, cable...

Image via here
        let's knit!

Now I know that when we think of knitting, scarves and beanies usually spring to mind but...

knitting can also be a fun element when added to your home decor.

Knitting can provide you with an interesting seat -

Top row: knitted chair via Design for Mankind and knitted lounge found via Shelterness and along the bottom: "Chairwear" by Claire-Anne O'Brien, Hand-knit Sweater chair and armchair

or a place to rest your feet -

On the left: knitted floor cushions and to the right: foot stools and knitted pouf

you can use knitted pieces to adorn your walls -

"Knitting" wall covering by Koziel, knitted deer and knitted wall clock

and floors -

To the left: knitted floor rug and on the right: Phat Knit and another one!

or to give your lighting a fun twist -

Clockwise from the top left: Knitted Wrap Lights by Sarah Parkes, Hand Knitted Light by Philippe Tyberghien ,knitted lamp triptych ,Granny Knitted Woollen Pendant Lamps and knitted lamps via Design Monologues

you can even make everyday objects look special -

Clockwise from the top left: knitted tea set, knitted vases, Ferm Living's "The Knitted Vase" and pencil pots and knitted baskets found via Shelterness

knitting can even look rather sweet when it hasn't really been turned into anything at all -

Image via Poppytalk


Hope your Wednesday is "knitting" together nicely,


  1. Hello Stephie:
    We have come to know and love you as a style maven with a talented and creative eye for design and interior decoration....... please tell us that you are not suggesting that we should go and knit an armchair!!!! Life is surely too short for this!!!!!

    Happy Day!!

  2. Oh Jane and Lance - I am disappointed! I thought you would be up for the challenge (He! He!) Thanks for the sweet compliment - you have made my day!

    Happy day to you too, Stephie x

  3. I absolutely love knitting! I learned when I was 8 and still love garter stitch the best. I can knit as long as it doesn't involve a pattern... So granny square blankets, scarves, and cushion covers are all in. Cardies, socks and gloves are most definitely out! I'm knitting up a blanket at the mo, and find it soooo relaxing. Glad to have found your blog. Em xx

  4. oh my those rugs are fabulous. I used to have a darling wool knit blanket, but we had to get rid of it because it shed more 'hair' than Biscuit & me combined.

  5. Hi Stephie, thanks for sharing! It's so amazing everything that can be done by knitting. I'm so impressed by all your images, especially the floor cushions, and foot stools. (◠‿◠)

  6. Oooh, I really like the knitted rug, I wonder how well it would hold up?

  7. Hi Em - nice to meet you! I grew up knitting too but have not knitted anything in a very LONG time! I leave it to mum now. I am sure you could knit something from a pattern - if I could do it I think anyone can!

    Thanks e! Oh my goodness, it really must have been "hairy" what sort of wool was it? Maybe you should treat yourself to a new one!

    No worries Rocio. The footstools are my favourites too!

    I have no idea Victoria! Maybe e will invest in one and she can let you know?!

    Thanks for visiting and talk soon, Stephie x

  8. Hello Stefanie
    All your knitting posts are putting me in the mood to get may needles out. As soon as this unbearable New York heat wave breaks! Take care

  9. I want them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!!!!! oh my God... you always make me dream!!! :D fantastic things... specially I like the wall papers and the lamps... but I wouldn`t mind a rug... ;)

    hey and thanks to you I discover Poppytalk... cool blog... very inspirational! :D