Monday, July 11, 2011

There's so much more...

to jars -

Images via: Laundry Etc and Aunt Ruthie

than jam!

Jars make great vintage pieces -

Clockwise from the top left: sfgirlbybay, Laundry Etc, HA!Designs and Scarlett Begonia Vintage

and are a great way to house collections -

Clockwise from the top left: Saga Naga, Not Quite Vintage, Scissor Variations and Four Corners Design

They are also pretty sweet when repurposed -

On the left: Dottie Angel and Apartment Therapy; on the right: Mommy Goes To Market and From My Home To Yours

and make an interesting alternative for serving drinks -

Top row: Freshly Found and Wedding by Colour; Bottom row: Simply Perfect Weddings, Signature Drinks for Your Wedding and  Wolf and Willow

They are lovely in white -

Top row: A Magazine Moment and Mlle Magpie; Bottom row: Heyday Design and Dandelion Emporium

can provide pretty light -

On the top: Temporary Nest and Jitterbug Vintage Weddings; along the bottom: Wedding High, Etsy and Bonkers About Buttons

and are perfect for displaying your favourite blooms -

Top row: Lilium and Manolo for the Brides; Bottom Row: Dusty Lace and Wed Loft


My favourites though are the blue Mason jars -

On the left: Etsy and Tete-a-Tete with Me; in the centre: A Midwestern Belle and on the right: Emmaline Bride and Jitterbug Vintage Weddings

Sadly though, although I have quite a large jar collection, I don't own any of these! Hmmmm this needs to change methinks!

Happy Monday,
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie:
    As you show here, glass jars can look so very pretty in any number of different ways.

    In Hungary, a particular speciality of the summer months is pickled cucumber. Small cucumbers are packed tightly into glass jars which are then filled up with a pickling liquid and closed. The jars are then set out in the sunshine for a day or two for the whole pickling process to be complete. The cucumbers are then served as an accompaniment to cold meat or sausage. As a result, on every balcony throughout Budapest and, possibly, Hungary, rows of glass jars are to be seen whilst the sun shines!

  2. I love the blue mason jars too. What a lot of cute ways to use jam jars. I love the table lined with jars/candles - a very clever way to save money & make a statement.

    hope you are doing well.

  3. You are right, jars can have so many different purposes! I love the vintage feel that they have. And I especially like the blue ones too.

  4. I store my buttons in jars, it's so practical and pretty! I love using jars to serve drinks in for an outdoors party!

  5. So true! I love jars, especially with a simple colorful wildflower inside. xx

  6. i love using jars instead of cups. we've been doing that non stop here in india.

  7. hello! Thanks for visiting me. I love your blog. Great and ideas and research. Happy to have found you!

  8. I love bottles and jars, nice list!

  9. That sounds amazing Jane and Lance - have you ever taken photos? I would love to see it. I love pickled cucumbers!

    Thanks e! Hope you are well too!

    I love the vintage feel too Shawna - it's very comforting I think!

    There is nothing nicer than buttond displayed in jars Victoria - except ,of course, a lovely drink!

    Sounds beautiful Chantal - I am going to try this!

    Sounds like fun Kimia! I think one of your mango smoothies would look lovely served in a jar.

    Thankyou so much Denise - the same here!

    Thanks Tomoko!

    Hugs and talk soon everyone! Stephie x

  10. I am a big, big jar lover, especially Mason jars and French Le Parfait jars. I just found three new Parfait jars last Sunday at the flea market. Is there also a famous jar brand in Australia ? Have a great week, Stephie !!!

  11. Hey Britta - so good to hear from you! I don't know of any famous "Aussie" jars - maybe Vegemite! Sounds like you scored well at the flea market - lucky you!

    Me too STSP - if only it was my only one!

    Thanks for visiting and talk soon, Stephie x