Friday, August 5, 2011

I do believe...

that -

On the left: Typewriter Alphabet Chart and to the right: "Dream" art print by cjprints and  notecards from Butch Craft

Courier New -

Top row: "Grazie" handstamped notes and typography typewriter stickers available from The Kraft RoomBottom row: "Hello There" notecard set and typewriter cards from yesteacher

is the -

For the quirky: prints by Nan Lawson, Crafts and Dogs and  Antique Graphique

new -

I love these! All available from eebee. I am sure I can find a space at ChezB for one more print!


Hope your weekend is "fontastic",
Stephie x

PS In other exciting news, you may remember that I entered the NIB Summer Challenge. I didn't make the finals but my entry was one of those featured on their blog. You can see it here. I am pretty chuffed! x


  1. Stephie B:
    Not wishing to be typecast....we love them all!!

    Congratulations on being selected and happy weekend!!

  2. Fontastic and terraglyphic!

  3. they are great Stephie! sending love to you while my kids are sleeping :-) biggest hugs

  4. I completely agree with you, I love it!

  5. Hello Dear Stephie : It's been a long are you? all ok?
    Thanks for your comments in my blog.I was glad :)
    Ohhh Typography... I 'm crazy for the different fonts... antique style are my favorites.
    I hope to pass more often for here and my blog again.
    Kisses and many hugs !

  6. Well done on getting featured, that's fab! And I agree, that font is just yummy! (I'm terrible for loving words and font. I just love them! ) Em xx

  7. yes, it is a classic choice! Congrats on being featured - you did a great job withe the tablescape.

  8. Hahaha :)
    Got to love it ♥

    I just got over my Georgia crush and moved on to the smooth calibri!