Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's do...


And what better way to bring yours than in a vintage lunchbox?!

They look great galvanised -

Antique pieced tin lunchbox, vintage Sterling tin miner's lunchbox with timber bale handle, vintage metal Handy Andy lunchbox with leather strap and vintage Thermos dome lunchbox

in basic black -

Vintage metal industrial lunchbox, vintage metal domed lunchbox and vintage workman's tin lunchbox

or, with a painted or enamelled finish -

Vintage Corsage metal lunchbox, vintage French enamel lunchbox and French miner's lunchbox

They are rather fetching in plaid -

Vintage plaid lunchboxes from vintagefiftyfour, 4TheLoveofVintage and Tiny Victories

and super cute when designed with little girls -

Vintage Little Dutch Miss lunchbox, vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy lunchbox and vintage 1979 Holly Hobbie lunch box

and boys in mind -

Vintage tin farm lunchbox, vintage 30s 40s Kids Cowboy lunchbox and  vintage metal lunchbox with travel theme

Of course, I'll take one in pink -

Image via Shabby Chicks

and I am so buying this one for my husband -

Available form here

given that we call him the Cookie Monster here at ChezB!

Of course, vintage lunchboxes don't just have to be used for food. They make great decorating items and can be used for storing away bits and pieces. They would even be quite sweet used at a wedding or birthday for favours or for guests to leave messages in - lovely!

Happy Wednesday and "Bon Appetit!"
Stephie x


  1. agreed, i love the pink one! these are wonderful ideas for decorating.

  2. Me too, I adore vintage lunch boxes. Some of them have amazing designs! ツ

    Rocio R.

  3. Super cute. I love the industrial metal ones!

    Good idea to use them to organize your nick-knacks...they might be cute with some potted plants too (but you know my mind always wanders that direction).

    Hope you are having a good week,

  4. how cool! i am really digging the black ones. xx

  5. ' Bon appetit' to you too!
    grt, Helmi

  6. Hi Australia!

    You can wote for my picture here:


    Liv ;O)

  7. The industrial-style tins are hitting the spot for me right now. I can't keep away from metal thingies at the markets right now.

  8. Oh, I so love your collections!! I am absolutely in love with the vintage farm lunchbox!

  9. Thanks for all the "Lunchbox Love" everyone. They are pretty cool in any colour aren't they?!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  10. Love this vintage lunch box selection! I used to have a tin Bionic Woman lunchbox :) I just posted a blog post about it,