Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's your...


Over recent months, I have noticed that vintage typewriters have become quite popular and why not I say when they look great as -

 stand alone pieces -

Image credits:  The Haystack Needle, Pet Peoples Place and 123RF

when collected and displayed around the home -

Images via: Poetic Home, Strikethru and San Antonio de Areco

 or in any colour that might tickle your fancy -

Typewriters in blue, red, green, orange, yellow and pink

They have become somewhat a star attraction at weddings -

Top row: Super Gifr Place and Saddleworth Shindigs and along the bottom:  The Stockman Diaries and A Practical Wedding

 and can feature in fun pieces of art -

 Print by Nat Smith Illustration, "Typewriter of my Memories" print by Orange Optimist and Royal Typewriter pen and ink illustration by Nan Lawson

 Their components can even be used to create quirky wearables -

Large Shift Key Black and White Typewriter Key Cufflinks, Vintage Typewriter Key Locket , Steampunk ring and vintage style personalised Typewriter Monogram Necklace

Who'd have thought that vintage typewriters could be so versatile! It makes me so happy to see objects deemed obsolete given a whole new lease on life.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful,
Stephie x


  1. I have a 1950's Underwood typewriter here in my "office" which I learned to type on in school in the 80's. They didn't update very often at my school! Hitting the keys was mucho hard work! When they got electric typewriters I bought this Underwood one for £5 as I've always loved old things. It sits on top of my dresser looking very proud of itself! Em x

  2. Lucky you Em - what a great score! I bet it looks great. I love old things too and would be more than happy to have an old typewriter on display if I owned one.

    I remember the excitement of the electric typewriters that could correct without you having to use liquid paper manually - aaah - technology!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  3. Hello Stephie:
    Well perhaps all this goes to prove that everything comes around that goes around. It is just disturbing when, like us, one has seen these things pass by several times already!!

    We have certainly seen plenty of typewriters come and go in our time but have no idea how we do not own a single one now. Old typewriters conjure up for us images of the 'Cold War' and spies of all persuausions typing out coded messages in unheated attics, lit by a solitary light bulb. Gosh, can so much be triggered by an old machine?!!!

  4. I love them! I would like one of those colorful ones just for display :)


  5. super cute! I love how people incorporate them into their wedding for little love notes & best wishes.


    p.s. still mulling over the family motto, but F.Scott is in the lead so far.

  6. Fun to see "you" on Nib today! ;O)


  7. All those great colors! How cute that someone incorporated it into a locket!

  8. Love the PINK one!!!
    You know that your summer(winter)paradise picture is presented at NIB? So cool! :) Good luck!

  9. I think it can Jane and Lance! It seems to me that it's always the little things that have this effect on us. Maybe that's why you don't own any typewriters?! Hope you are well and enjoying your travels and aren't too traumatised by my post - not such a pleasant association for you by the sound of it:)

    Me too Signe! I'll take one in pink - of course!

    Thanks e! It is such a cute idea! I love the F.Scoot quote - I actually have my fingers crossed that it makes the final cut!

    It was fun to see myself there Liv - a real surprise!

    The locket is just lovely people are so inventive!

    Me too Lise - I love everything pink! Yes, I was so surprised to see it - it made my day! Pity we didn't make the finals - maybe next month, or the one after - it's just fun to enter!

    Thanks everyone for visiting and I hope the week has been good to you.

    Big hugs, Stephie x

  10. loooooove typewriters... I´ve always wanted to have an old one for decoration.... :D and an old camera and an old violin! :D (all together!) :D