Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's all about...


balance at this "Libran" time of the year and so lets take a look at scales!

Scales can be -

vintage reminders of days in the kitchen -

Images via: Moxiethrift, Passed By, Living The Sweet Life, Epochco and Feather and Branch

or of days when work was a little more gentle in pace -

Clockwise from the top left: The Bees Knees Vintage, Ethanollie, Emily Thayer, scarletbegoniavntg and Capt Kodak

They make great retro pieces -

Top row: Family Feedbag and Style Hive; Bottom row: Whorange, Flyingace and This Next

and also look rather fetching when given a modern twist -

Top row: Style Hive and This Next; Along the bottom: Retro To Go and Chambermade

Scales make for a lovely display at home -

On the left: Compulsively Compiled and to the right:  Paper Pastries and Tattered Style

 or at a special occasion-

Images via: The Sweetest Occasion, The Savvy Bride, Lovely Clusters and The Found Blog

When you think about it they really are a versatile little piece. Perhaps the only time that I don't really like scales around is when -

Vintage bathroom scales via: Marybeth Hale, Suzincolo and Agave

they remind me that I have been enjoying my food too much!

So there you have it, some whimsy with weights for you on a Wednesday!
Stephie x

PS: A big shout to Naomi - most happiest of birthdays to you lovely cousin of mine!


  1. Hi Stephie ! How are you?
    Yes, really the balance are a versatile little piece...I like vintage style...
    My zodiac sign is Libra ;)‎balanced or unbalanced? I don´t know ...
    Many hugs dear Stephie !!!

  2. I really have a bit fo a thing for scales. I have a pink retro style set in my kitchen which I love. My favourite scales ever are the ones my friend has in her kitchen which she salvaged froma shop that was closing down. They are the big white kind that were used to weigh sweets in the 60's and 70's and are just fantastic! I hate bathroom scales too though... Have a great weekend Stephie. big hugs, Em xx

  3. If balance was only that easy:) Love the details on those pretty vintage scales.

  4. I love scales! I just found out that I am 'Libra moon sign' so perhaps that is why I am so fond of them.

    Thanks for your kind words. Hope your week is going well.

  5. Awwww I want some vintage looking scales for the kitchen. And as for the weighing scale, it is a constant reminder of how much more I need to work out to get to my weight goal. =)

  6. I love vintage scales :) And what a great reminder to try to maintain balance in our lives!

  7. the second set is so masculine and chic. hope you had a great weekend! xx

  8. loooooove scales!!!!! and I really could use one for my etsy shop.... (to calculate the shipping cost!!!!!!) :D I loooooved the photos... as always!!!!! :D big yellow hug for you my dear!!!!!!! enjoy the Sunday !!!!!