Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time to take a look at...


Always a popular feature in kid's rooms -

Images via: Creamy Life, Remodelista and Living Etc.

teepees can also make a rather stylish addition to a more adult space -

Top row: Classic Bride and Sara's Party Perfect; bottom row: Feather and Nest and Creamy Life

They look great in the garden -

Clockwise from the top left: Project Wedding, Remodelista, Poddleblog and Flickr

and can provide support for plants -

Images from: Smart Jane's Thoughts, Deirdre's Garden Diary, iheartfarms, Mutiny in the Garden and Kennedy's Victory Garden and Life

or a home for birds -

On the left: Floral Bird Teepee and to the right: Eco Friendly Bird Feeding Station and Frank Lloyd Wright "TeePee" Birdhouse

They can take on a real sculptural quality when made out of sticks -

Via: Manana, travelpod and 123RF

or when lit up against the night sky -

Via: Jonathan Tolhurst, Three Eggs and Creamy Life 

Teepees can be the source of inspiration for decorator items for your home -

Teepee style lamps and Teepee teatowel available from Etsy seller Lineacarta

or your walls -

"Fancy Living" Print by Kelli Murray, "TeePee" digital art available from Puffed Peonies and "Teepee For Two" fine art print via thispapership

and can add style to your celebration -

Clockwise from the top: Ruffled, Utterly Engaged, Ruffled, papa kata and English Wedding

In fact, some teepees look so good -

Left hand side: Upside Down and Inside Out and to the right: Mesh and Lace and Three Eggs

that they almost make me want to spend more time outdoors - I said almost!

So there you have it, a little pow wow about wig wams for you on a Wednesday!

Stephie x


  1. That birdcage one is amazing! We made a tiny one for our sherbert and spice party and all the kids LOVED sitting in it:)

  2. Wow many ideas for using the teepees ! Excellent post...‎ideal for this time of year and ‎to return to play as children...
    Have a good Wednesday dear Stephie !!!
    Huuuuggggssss !!!

  3. Hej Stephie
    LOVE this post!
    As long as I've got a blanket I'll set up camp in any of these...

  4. Great post, Love the home for birds.

  5. Hi Stephie,

    Those Tipi bird houses are my favourite. I wouldn't mind having one of those in my garden :-)

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  6. I love the indoor teepees for children. What a great addition.


  7. Hello Stephie..those tipi birdhouses are so wonderful! But I think this post of all tipi's are great..they will be in my mind this week,I think ;)

  8. Oh all the happy childhood memories brought on by this post ♥

    Hugs and a happy Sunday

  9. I love teepees! I think I want one for my home. I don't know where I would put it, but I could find a way!

  10. Oh what well researched post! I love them all. Great job

  11. If I had the space I'd have a teepee in my bedroom as a quiet place to lounge and read! I love them. Glad you like the new blog design. :) Em xx

  12. Great post Stephie - maybe I can conjure one up for Sadie's "confinement"!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment re Sadie :) Hope you are having a great week! Mx

  13. Thanks everyone - I love to hear from you all - it makes me very happy!

    Stephie x