Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mirror, mirror...

Image via here

Lovely as stand alone pieces -

Top row: Remodelista and Rachel Covets, bottom row: Winston's Roost, Remodelista and Gap Interiors

or displayed as a collection -

Images via: Thrifty Fun, Flickr, Rachel Covets and Home Shopping Spy

vintage mirrors can make quite the decorating statement!

They look beautiful in bedrooms -

On the left: First Sense and to the right: My Sparrow and Home Shopping Spy

and bathrooms -

Pinterest, My Sparrow and Decor Pad

as well as entrances -

Left hand side: My Sparrow and on the right: Home Shopping Spy and I Want I Want I Want

living areas -

Images via: Flickr, A Beach Cottage and Remodelista

and other special nooks around the home -

Design Sponge, That Beat That My Heart Skipped and Winston's Roost

Vintage mirrors also can be quite a talking point when used in ways unexpected, whether it be in smaller groupings -

Left hand side: Windsor at Tyron Village and on the right: Miss Sew & So and Pretty Mom Guide

or on a grander scale -

Images via: Apartment Therapy, en Route and Poppytalk

I have collected quite a few vintage mirrors over the years and I love having them displayed around my home. Maybe there are those of you out there that also have your own collections, or maybe you now feel inspired to start collecting!

Happy Wednesday and remember -

  "Life is a mirror and will     reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it." 

                                                               Ernest Holmes

Stephie x


  1. hello Stephie:
    We love having mirrors about the house as they are so wonderful at reflecting light and transforming it into a myriad of interesting and intriguing colours and shapes.

    The images you show here are full of ideas and we especially like the way that vintage mirrors are used in a variety of settings. We shall shamelessly copy!!

  2. Love these! My husband doesn't like having mirrors in our home so I've only snuck in a couple. But up to me, our fireplace would look just like photo #1!

  3. Great post! Miror miror on the wall...............

  4. Hi Dear Stephie: wow! a lot of mirror...all are beautiful but I like shabby chic style.
    Interesting phrase :)
    Have a magic and nice day
    A BIG HUG for you

  5. Lots if cute mirror ideas - I like the tennis rackets, a very unique idea.

    Great quote, I agree completely.


  6. I absolutely love the look of adding mirrors of different sizes and shapes all over the wall. Such a beautiful look!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy Halloween, Stephie ! Do you celebrate Halloween in Australia ? Hope you are fine! Have a wonderful halloweeny night ! Hugs, Britta

  8. What a lovely the post of all those. And Stephie you are the winner of my give-away. Congratulations! Please send me your address. hugs xx Ingrid

  9. I love mirrors because they reflect the light.
    I also love the different frames, especially very big mirrors with gorgeous frames. I Have mirrors on pretty much every wall in my house! I really enjoyed this post.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I can really relate to your swimming cossie struggle, and the horror of the walk to the pool... I find that really difficult too. It's sad how hard we can be on ourselves isn't it? Sending hugs, Em x