Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Kevvie and me, StephieB!


Ikea was a lot of fun last Friday - it was good to catch up with the family over meatballs and pick up some sweet things for Christmas. 

The most fun of all though was being able to pose for the cover of your very own Ikea Catalogue which was yours to take home with you. What a cool idea! 

And, if you too like the idea of gracing the cover of a magazine, the good news is that there is still time to make it happen - you just need to visit Ikea Tempe this weekend. I guess it helps to live in Sydney too!

Happy Wednesday,
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie:
    Now that is something which does not happen in the Budapest Ikea. What a fun idea and how very relaxed and happy you look - and very summery in contrast to the cold of the Northern Hemisphere!

  2. Hi Jane and Lance,

    It's a promotional thing for the opening of the store and so, after this weekend, sadly it won't be happening here anymore either! It was a lot of fun though and worth lining up for. Everyone's photos are on the Ikea Facebook site. There are some that really make you giggle! Hope you are not too cold, Stephie x

  3. That is really cool! You make me more jealous of your new IKEA store with each post:)

  4. Great idea!!
    thx for share, Stephie!!

  5. how fun! i didn't know they were doing that! awesome!

  6. Hello Stephie

    How funny! And super cool ;-)
    I wonder if they are doing this at Ikea in Sweden?
    Nice to see you
    Thanks for your lovely comments.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    P.S. Did you buy something in Ikea?

  7. Such a cool idea! May I have your autograph? Lol

  8. What a great idea!!!

  9. I love your cover photo! It's fantastic. Are you getting it framed for a room in your house? If it were me, I'd put it on the front door just so everybody who knocked would be able to see it!!!! Em x

  10. That's it on the Ikea front for a while Victoria - I promise!

    Thanks Roberto, Yvonne and Chantal!

    Same to you Julie - hope you are well x

    An autograph will cost you Tori - Ha! Ha!

    Thanks Em - maybe I could make a copy for the door?!

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, Stephie x

  11. Hi Stephie,nice to see who the person is which is getting my giva-away ;) hugs Ingrid

  12. Thanks Ingrid! I can't wait till it arrives! Stephie x

  13. oh oh oh such cool and fun idea!!!! (love IKEA and I`m lucky to have one here!) Xmas is the best time for Ikea stuff ha??? nice to see a photo of you!!!!!!! you look awesome in the cover!!!! ;) xoxox big yellow hug!