Friday, November 4, 2011

Earlier this year...


a certain gorgeous girl was very excited to be celebrating her eighth birthday -

And, in true "girly" fashion, a horse theme was requested. 

I could not believe my luck when I found some super cool horse wrapping paper and, from there - 

a pink, aqua - 

and white - 

horse party came to life -

making said birthday girl very happy indeed!

And that's a wrap for this equine related week! 

I am signing off early today as I am heading off to go shopping. Sydney's first full sized Ikea opened yesterday. It's 2.5km from the entry to the exit - Retail Therapy and a workout all in one - what more could a girl want?!

May your weekend be wonderful,
Stephie x


  1. awww what a cutesy theme party! Oh and wooohoo on the Ikea shop opening at your place. I can only check out all of Ikea's neat stuff from online. Ikea didn't open a branch where I'm at. =(

  2. Hello Stephie:
    We can so readily imagine the excitement and delight that there must have been on the actual birthday. Lucky girl!

    Have a wonderful day out in Sydney. Jó hétvégét!

  3. What a cute birthday party!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Congratulations. Have fun on the IKEA shop opening and a nice weekend.

  5. Hi Stephie : Amazing details. The birthday girl was very lucky. Great news about IKEA.
    Happy Sunday dear Stephie

  6. This party looks soo cute! I love the pink and white color scheme. Adorable!
    How nice you have an Ikea close by!!

  7. oooooooh the party looks amazing!!!!!! :D :D :D Enjoy IKEA we just went 2 weeks ago.... I love to have IKEA in Montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ooooh ohhh oooh love it! :D big yellow hug!

  8. Thanks everyone for the party love! I hope your weekends were good. Ikea was fun - back later in the week to tell all about it!

    Hugs to you on this lovely Monday, Stephie x

  9. Gorgeous party for the sweet birthday girl + I am trying to hold back my jealousy that you have an IKEA, I miss our greatly!

  10. Thanks Victoria. You poor thing! I actually have two Ikeas near me. How you must miss yours. I always need an Ikea "fix" every now and then!

    Stephie x