Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Party Post One!

Hello and happy Wednesday!

So today begins the lowdown on last weekend's party. The theme for the night was "Growing up in the Nineties" and so the guests had to dress up as their favourite movie, TV or cartoon character from this era.

I decided to go with five characters and style two tables for each one. They were Sponge Bob Square Pants, The Simpsons, Toy Story,Yoshi (from Nintendo) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I thought I would post about some of the tables here and leave the rest until next time.

First up, Sponge Bob!

I made  the "vases" by taping together postcards I had collected a few years ago (who says those free postcards don't come in handy?!) and placing bottles inside to house the flowers. I cut up a lei and spread the hibiscus around them and done! Pretty simple but really effective.

The second Sponge Bob table was made up of a purchased cutout and some hibiscus shot glasses and looked pretty cute too -

The Yoshi tables were made up of Yoshi images that I printed and attached to skewers. They were then put into bottles with some flowers. I was able to get hold of some Nintendo lolly tins and these were placed on the red boxes to give them some height. Everyone who loves Yoshi knows that he can't go past an apple so these provided the finishing touch -

I used a similar concept for the Ninja turtles as I was able to track down some party masks. I also found some garbage cans and plastic rats and added them to the mix -

I put some pizza flavoured bisciuts into the garbage cans for snacking!

I will be back with some more details later in the week. I hope you'll come back to read about them!

Stephie x


  1. How creative, looks like a great party. well done.

  2. Good to hear from you again! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!