Thursday, September 23, 2010

Party Post Two!

So I thought that on this lovely Thursday I would show you the last of the tables from the weekend celebrations!

First up are the Toy Story tables. I found a most excellent Toy Story book in my travels which, amongst other things, included these cutout characters which are freestanding.

 I then added some toy soldiers and some flowers to complete the setting.

Where's Woody?!

Last, but not least, I used some greeting cards, a set of erasers and these fantastic Bart suitcases (which were only $3.00 each!) to create the Simpsons' tables. One for Marge -

 and -

One for Homer!

I'll be back tomorrow to share the last of the details, including the cake and that will be the end of "Party Posts" for a little while, I promise!

See you soon,
Stephie x

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