Monday, November 1, 2010

And they're off...

"Lucky Horse Shoes" avaiable from PickyPickyShop
Hello and happy November to you all!

Here in Australia, the first Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup Day so in honour of "The Race That Stops A Nation", I thought I'd do a little Etsy  post about things equine!

First up some interesting options on the decorating front -

Available from here

Vintage Horse Show Ribbons. Attached to the corner of a picture frame (as shown above), as a stand alone piece or a few grouped together, they make for an interesting visual display and a cool talking point.

Or how about some prints -

These are sooo lovely and are two for the price of one until November 15th. Great for a kids' space don't you think?! Available from WildLifePrints

If you don't want to put things on your walls, how about this cute plushie

or a chalkboard horse

I sooo want some of these!

If equine decorating is not your thing then how about something wearable like a badge

or maybe a ring is your thing -

The choice is yours!

Stephie x

PS Did you guess which bear belongs to me? It's -

Greta! Here she is at my place - she is so sweet!


  1. Hi Stephie,
    I certainly will start another Giveaway action for Christmas, so you are very welcomed.
    Have a wonderful day! xo, Britta

  2. Yeah Britta, I can't wait. I hope you are enjoying some sunshine in Paris, it's very wet in Sydney! Stephie x

  3. Hello Mariana!

    So good to hear from you again. I hope you have had a good week.

    Yes, she is!

    Stephie x

  4. I love greta's bears too. Alice rose lewis makes gorgeous bear brooches, have you seen them?

  5. Hi Deborah,

    When I saw the brooches on your blog, they reminded me of Greta! I have one on my wish list but at the rate my list is growing, I am going to be waiting a little while I think!

    Stephie x