Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"M" is for.....

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Just reminding you all that I have two lovely markets coming up in December. The first one is Mathilda's Market at Lane Cove on Sunday,  December 5th, followed by Kirribilli Art and Design Market on Sunday, December 12th.

Both are such a lot of fun, I hope you can make it to one (or both!) of them! There are more details over in the sidebar if you want to have a look.

 Now that being mentioned -

it's time


 get busy


Made by me, StephieB!

See you soon,
Stephie x


  1. These dolls loks delightful! I keep reading about this market down under -sounds great!

  2. Thankyou Deb - I am so glad you like them! As for the markets, you will just have to come to Australia and check them out! Have a great weekend, Stephie x