Monday, November 8, 2010

This week....

Image via here
 will be dedicated to all things "owly"!

First up on the homefront, my latest "owly" acquisition -

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this at the entrance to one of my favourite sourcing destinations. I could hardly contain myself!

Isn't he fantastic? He looks good with or without flowers and  I'm thinking that he would look great incorporated into a Christmas display. At $20.00, he is a truly wonderful find - WOO!HOO!

Stayed tuned for Wednesday's "Owly Shopping Guide".

Happy, happy  Monday to you!
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie, I lOVE owls, they are so cute !!! Tomorrow I will go to London, so excited about it. Have a nice day! xo, Britta

  2. They are such amazing looking birds aren't they? Have a great time in London. I would be excited too! Have fun! Stephie x

  3. Thanks Kimia, so nice to hear from you! He is pretty cute isn't he?

    Stephie :)