Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now that..

the calendar situation is sorted, it's time to organise a diary. I usually have one well and truly by now but not this year. So if you are also still in the hunt for a planner of some description, here are a few suggestions -

Top row:
               2011 A6 Graphic Diary from Kikki K. This is such a great brand - really stylish home office and  organisational products. It can be very dangerous for your wallet though!

              2011 Weekly Planner from Nico Papergoods.

              Aaaah! Frankie, how I love you! Daily Journal available here. They publish a great magazine every few months and their books are beautiful with such attention to detail. Well worth a look, especially the new Spaces publication.

Bottom row:
                 Assorted animal journals from Heroes and Criminals Press.

                "Ordinary notebooks" from Jen Fries. Not a diary I know but there is a great story about the inspiration behind these. I think a set of these for me might be in order!

                Custom cover 2011 Diary by Miss Meg . There are a few options for the cover but I am quite partial to the typewriter myself. 

So there you have it, my 2011 Diary Roundup. The only excuse now for me not getting a new diary is that I don't know which one to choose!

Happy Wednesday,,
 Stephie x


  1. i desperately want that Frankie journal...I believe they are sold out. Not sure if they did UK shipping anyway. So many lovely things! I have a diary's pretty nice with geometric patterns on the front, so I'm happy enough (would be even happier with the Frankie one though).

  2. Hi Kerry,

    Yes, unfortunately, as I have just discovered, the Frankie journal is completely soldout everywhere!

    There are some up for auction on eBay. One just sold for $101.00!

    I will just have to console myself with a different diary this year and look forward to ordering one for 2012!

    Do you get any Frankie publications in the UK? I am a big fan of all their lovely work.

    Talk soon,
    Stephie x

  3. These are all great, but I like the typewriter cover the best too!

  4. Hi Victoria!

    Yes, it's so cute isn't it? She's an Aussie girl too which is pretty exciting!

    Talk soon,
    Stephie x