Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take a look...

at these lovely images, found via Britta's blog, My Blackbook. I am a regular visitor to Britta's site and I am constantly blown away by her amazing images. It is a such a beautiful and inspiring blog and well worth a visit!

And in very exciting news, Britta has not only received but has nominated me for the -

Woo! Hoo!

Once I have received the award, I have to:

* Link back to the person that awarded me.
* Share 7 things about myself.
* Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers.
* Contact those bloggers about the award!

So here goes...


Image via here

I originally trained as a scientist and am a qualified agricultural chemist.


Image via Lola's Room

I loooove cupcakes. We have a great local bakery and I am there way too regularly!


The older I get the more curly and frizzy my hair gets. I think I need to -

from Etsy seller Funnelcloud

 and not get so stressed about it all the time - although I know that this is easier said than done!


Image via here

I have never, ever seen snow. It is on my "To Do" List.


Image via here

 I am a big Dr Who fan. I love the daleks - they are so cool. My husband actually bought me one.


Image via Shoponline

I buy cookbooks for the pretty pictures and usually never cook anything that's in them. Cooking really isn't my scene. I would rather make the table look nice!


from Brookish

I would leave my husband for Colin Firth. Don't worry, he is well aware of this.

As I have only been blogging for a few months and many of my favourite reads have received this award already, I have the following nominations -

Make sure that you check them out when you get a chance!

Here's to a stylish Wednesday,
Stephie x


  1. Hi Stephie,

    Thanks for the award :) I'm having a bit of a crazy week at the moment and I'm way behind on my blogging. I'll definitely put it up and link back to you very soon! x

  2. Hi Stephie,

    The photo's from Britta's blog look lovely! Congratulations on your award! I enjoyed reading more about you. The part about Colin Firth made me LOL! I quess we all like him. Thanks for nominating me. I feel really flattered :-)!

    Happy wednesday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. What a wonderfull world these of the blogs... thank you for the award and for the chance of knowing each other.
    You are very kind and stylish person.

  4. Hi Stephie,
    What a wonderful post, I love that you accompanied your confessions about you with some lovely photos - great idea ! Thank you for your nice words about my blog, I am flattered. Like you, I also buy cooking books particularly for the beautiful pictures but sometimes also try the recipes. You should give you a chance, I am sure you will manage it! xo, Britta

  5. so funny!!!!! :D I love that you buy cookbooks for the photos and whenever you want I can send you some snow for you to see it!!! :)

    loved to read this one! :D

  6. Hi BB! No worries, whenever you get a chance. Hope you get to slow down a bit soon!

    Hi Madelief - Britta's photos are great aren't they? I am glad you enjoyed my Colin Firth comment. You are right, I don't know anyone who doesn't think he's a bit of alright! I am so glad that you are happy to be nominated. It's fun I think to find out a little bit more about people!

    I couldn't agree more Mari. I am so glad that we have had the chance to meet each other too!

    I hope you all have a great weekend,
    Stephie x

  7. Hi Brit, thanks for your lovely feedback. I am glad that I am not alone when it comes to buying cookbooks for the pictures! I think I am not so keen on cooking because it is just like doing science experiments. Well, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

    So good to hear from you Norma and I am glad that you enjoyed my post. It's so hot hear today. I would love some snow if you could manage it.

    A happy weekend to you both my friends,
    Stephie x

  8. Thanks for this award Stephie! You made me laugh out loud - I don't really like cooking or baking either, I'd much rather makes things look nice! Seems strange that you've never seen snow and as for the Daleks, gosh, I can remember watching them on TV donkey's years ago and being really frightened (John Petwee time so that's going back a bit...)
    We will exterminate...

  9. No worries Deb!

    There seems to be a consensus among us about the cooking vs decorating which is good as I now believe that I am normal and those who like cooking are not!

    I intend to see snow sooner rather than later. I am hoping to go to New York for our wedding anniversary at the end of 2012 and have a white Christmas. We'll see - it depends on whether I hear from Colin Firth in the interim!

    As for those Daleks, they still scare me with those voices. I just won't admit that to my son Julian! I get enough eye rolling action from him as it is!

    Talk soon,
    Stephie x