Monday, May 2, 2011

All the leaves are brown ...


Perfect Autumn Ensemble by poppopportraits - I just love her work!

 because it is well and truly Autumn here in Sydney!

Of course Autumn leaves are lovely in brown -

Clockwise from the top left: Tree with falling leaves wall decal, "Indian Summer" tea cups and saucers, Fall Leaves digital print available from modernmarks,edible fall oak, maple and aspen leaves by sweetdejavu - these are so sweet, they are made of rice paper and you use them to decorate wine glasses,balsam fir sachets and Mandy Gerth's "Seasons Passing, Fall" print

and look pretty in muted shades too -

Top row: "Fall Shadows" etching from AnaDoraArt, Fall Leaves magnet set and Babayagada 's "Palette of Fall"

On the bottom: zaraillustrates "Autumn Swing" print, "Novel Autumn Trees" fine art print available from LauriepunzzleLand and spotted earthtone ceramic dish

They can look rather fetching in black and white and shades of silvery grey -

On the left: Vintage Edelstein porcelain leaf shaped plate and set of four porcelain tiles by botanicraft

In the middle: Falling Leaves vinyl wall art and double leaf necklace in antique brass - just beautiful!

To the right: squirrel - not a leaf I know but so cute and makes me think of Autumn!, What Fall Feels Like print by bluebicicletta - also not a leaf but very sweet and "Falling Leaves" sterling silver leaf ring

and very pretty in pinks and pastels -

Along the top: Large California pink leaf tray and Pink Autumn pillows

Across the bottom: Autumn Ruby Tree print from michellechristina, mini maple leaf porcelain bowls, "Waiting for Fall" from poppoportraits - her name is Stephanie and she is wearing a pink coat - just perfect!

All very lovely but I think that my favourite shade for Autumn leaves would have to be scarlet -

Clockwise, starting from the top: "Maple Lake" abstract fine art print by budanART, October Curtain Call fine art photography print via bomobob, orange/brown felt coasters, Baby squirrel soft sculpture from dragonhouseofyuen, "Autumn Leaves" print by ialbert, "The Fall" fine art photographic print from madelaine and "Autumn", the Matryoska pillow doll from MadGypsy

So striking! Do you have a  favourite?

Most magical of Autumn May Mondays to you,
Stephie x


  1. Ahhh Autumn! I love the golden brown colors. Have a great May.

  2. Hi Dear Stephie : All, absolutely all things that you show us today is really lovely...the first draw remind me to my model with beret
    ( she is my sister ).
    I will check all the sites .
    Here in Chile also is Autumn :)
    Have a nice Monday :)
    Many Hugs for you

  3. Oh, happy Autumn! It is my favorite season of the year, infact I would love to visit and miss our summer in return for a few falling leaves:)

  4. Autumn and beautiful collers. It is spring in Holland and the tullips have beautiful collars also. Almost summer! Have a nice time.
    grt, Helmi

  5. yes! my fav is pretty in pinks and pastels although I have a airplane o my blog :-) Beutiful collages, Stephie! Hugs

  6. You too e! I hope you are enjoying your Spring.

    Hi Kena! Now that you mention it, that drawing does look like the photo of your sister - how funny! Does it get really cold in Chile during Autumn?

    Feel free to hop on a plane and head on over Victoria! You can bring some lemonade with you!

    I love tulips Helmi - the colours really are beautiful aren't they?!

    The pinks are so pretty Maria - maybe you could give the plane some pretty pink touches?!

    Happy Wednesday everyone,
    Stephie x

  7. Love Fall!!!!!!!!!!!! but to be honest with you I´m so so so soooooo much enjoying our spring up here in this side of the world and turning off the heaters was a memorable moment! :)


  8. I bet you are glad to be having warmer weather Norma! It's so cold here today - I really don't like it at all! Stephie x