Saturday, May 14, 2011

It really must have been....


Friday the thirteenth yesterday as Blogger decided to shut down for a day! Not only was posting not possible but the comments from my previous post have disappeared out into the wild blue yonder as well! So thanks to those of you who did leave me a comment - I just didn't get to read them or to see who you were.

OK so now I'll stopping complaining, afterall, it could have been worse and get to Friday's post. After taking a look at doors, I thought it might be fun to see how they could be "aDOORned". Terrible pun I know but I couldn't resist!

You can use some stylish numbers -                                                       

 Four, One thousand and eighty-seven, Four hundred and fifty-three, Sixteen, Five hundred and eighteen and Thirty-nine

or some cotemporary

Images via: Spec - Net, Remodelista, Oxford Double Glazing, Nextag, Gainsborough Hardware and Flickr

or more traditional fittings -   


Vintage door knobs, art deco doorbell, a lovely way to receive your letters, antique door knocker, antique doorbell and "Use the Hand" - a bit creepy!

Of course you'll need a front doormat -

Doormats via: Ikea, Karen's Rope Work, TV Recappers Anonymous, Chiasso, Damn Good Doormats and Live laugh Love

 or maybe you could use your entrance area to show off your sense of humor -

"Finish Line" mat , "Shut the Front Door" sign, "Hi, I'm Mat" - I should get this for my son's room!, a happy entrance, lying dog doormat, "beware of the dog" and  super cute "Flowery Grass" mat

I just love the idea of a sunny yellow door with a little field if daisies as a mat - gorgeous!

 May your weekend be full of open doors and all the possibilities that lie behind them,
Stephie x



  1. Wasn't it annoying? I think blogger only wiped my comments, but some people had whole posts wiped.
    I loved the Union Jack doormat. I know what you mean about the biccies. If I eat a biscuit with every cup, I would be rather large too! x

  2. It's typical - I'd just got back in the blogging mood and the site crashed! Good to have you all back though :)

    Thanks for the door inspiration...we're in the process of choosing a replacement for ours (it's huuuge 1930's style) so photos were useful! x

  3. Hi Tracey - it was so annoying but it sounds like I got off pretty lightly. I read that someone else lost everything! The Union jack is pretty cute but I still think that I like the "Flowery Grass" one the best!

    Hey BB yes, it's great that we are all back. Glad I could be of assistance on the door front! I can't wait to see what you decide upon.

    Happy weekend! Stephie x

  4. Oh yes, I couldn´t post either!!!... :( well it´s back so : )

    my fav. number is 3 and everything that comes from it.. 6, 9.... and it´s kind of my lucky number everything important and meaningful in my life happens on a 3, 12, 6, 9 etc... funny ha? do you believe in numerology, I kind of... (well, I believe in many things so...)

    big hug! xoxo

  5. Hi Stephie,

    I think we all had the same problem. I reposted today, but really feel sad about all those sweet people leaving comments I did not read.

    Love that Union Jack doormat!

    Happy weekend & lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  6. Hi Dear Stephie : How are you? I hope ok.
    I believe that many peoples had problems whit blogger :( I felt me very sad for losing valuable comments...
    Your post today is amazing...I love so much "use the hand" is an accesory original and fun,and floral and dog doormat are nice ideas, with a lot of humor.
    Thanks for your comment in my blog ( Yes, now it has a new name. I hope that this name is my last change)
    Happy Sunday !!!
    PD: Matices = Nuances

  7. Ohhh gorgeous new head blogger (Banner) , is sweet,beautiful and fun ! Congrats

  8. Friday 13! Yes we had also problems with blogger. love your post, thanks. Have a nice Sunday.
    grt, Helmi

  9. thanks for the door inspiration. warm greetings to you "pink" girl :-) hugs

  10. I agree the Friday lock-down was sad (it pushed onto Saturday for some reason too)! Oh well, glad everything is up & running again.

    I love the 'creepy' hand & all the old fashioned items - per usual!


  11. Hi there...thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to comment! This is a great post! I love the daisy/grass door mat against the yellow cheery!

  12. Hi everyone! It's so good that we are all now back and I am looking forward to visiting to see what you have been up to!

    "Talk" soon! Stephie x

  13. Nice! Thanks for including my generic doormat!

  14. No worries! Good to hear from you, Stephie x