Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't run...


"Scissors" postcard print by Lorelei Design

with scissors!

They may be a rather humble, utilitarian item that most of us take for granted but scissors really can be objects of beauty when more closely inspected!

They can be rustic -

Extra large old metal industrial snips, small, medium and large antique scissors, antique button hole scissors and vintage Japanese Ikebana shears

or vintage -

Vintage scissors, Set of four Victorian style embroidery scissors, "Knit and Sew", vintage Art Deco square handled forged steel scissors and antique Art Deco sterling silver scissors - can you tell that I am rather fond of things Art Deco?!

or used to create beautiful pieces of art -

On the left: "Life is Good" papercut Giclee print from Vegaslammy and "Waiting for the Phone to Ring"  papercut by Tina Tarnoff, In the centre: "Goodbye" print from a papercut by Elsita and On the right: "Marie Antoinette" papercut by Tina Tarnoff and "Close Your Eyes, Don't Cry" papercut print by monpetitfantome

Scissors can also be the subject of "art" themselves -

"The Swarm" mixed media collage by Oiseaux Noir, "The Scissors" linocut by mishevam, "A Game with Scissors" by arabbitgirl, "Vintage Scissor Friends" mixed media piece by Diana Evans, "Following Your Heart" print by Elsita and "Les Ciseaux" print by Eva Juliet

or look spectacular - if not a little daunting - when displayed en masse -

Image via: Eye Snacks

Scissors can even be entertaining. Care for a game of -




Prints available from Jo Bozarth Illustration - I love these!

Happy weekend,
Stephie x


  1. Great post about scissors. Love the following your hart print.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello Stephie:
    What an amazing, beautifully presented, imaginative and unusual post. We shall think about this next Monday when we have our hair appointments!

    Like you, we think that the three final prints which you show are most appealing. Lovely.

    Enjoy a happy and relaxed weekend.

  3. I'm partial to the rustic looking scissors, and I do love a good game of "rock, paper, scissors" (best out of three).

  4. Hi Dear Stephie ! Great and crazy post ;)
    I like the different viewpoints that you show us about a same object. I lovely antique old scissors.Without scissors the handmade is almost impossible.
    Have a fun weekend near your family.
    Many Hugs :)

  5. Great, I made a screenprint with scissors!

  6. Thanks Miek! The "Following Your Heart" is my second favourite!

    Thankyou so much Jane and Lance. I hope that you will be thinking about scissors in a good way while you are getting your haircuts! The last three prints are great aren't they?!

    Depends on who you are playing Victoria - sometimes you need a best out of five! There is something really appealing about the rustic scissors - glad you like them!

    Hi Kena - you are so right. What would we do without scissors?! Not only would handmade be tough but I think my hair would be a bit the worse for wear too!

    Have I seen it Helmi? Do you have a link?

    Happy new week everyone, Stephie x