Friday, June 24, 2011



Image via: 2Modern

       Milk glass!

Originally made in Venice and Florence in the 1500s and then in the 18th century in England as a substitute for porcelain, this beautiful opaque white glass now finds itself looking quite at home in contemporary decorating.

 Milk glass looks great as a 

single piece -

Image sources: The Rhubarb Studio and Honey's Treasures

as part of a small grouping -

Images via: Ask Cynthia,Vintage Serenity and Hannah Bella Memories

or  larger collection -

Sources: A Life's Design, Inspire Bohemia and A Vintage Affair

You can add  food -

Yummy images from: Hostess with the Mostess andAt Home with Kim Vallee

succulents -

Images via: Apartment Therapy, Casa Sugar and Jill Hannah

and  flowers -

Lovely pics from: Design*Sponge and Liesubrinflam

and make a celebration look really  special -

Images: Wedding Bee, Design*Sponge and Ruffled

 Aren't you glad that porcelain was so expensive?!

Wishing you a weekend that is white and wonderful,
Stephie x


  1. I absolutely adore milk glass and have started a small collection of my own. Amongst others I have gotten two vases off etsy and those are about the only vases I ever use :)

    Hugs and a happy weekend!

  2. Hello Stephie:
    How beautifully and thoughtfully presented this all is. Milk glass! We had forgotten milk glass until now. And how foolish for it does, as you show here, look so very good in so many different ways.

    A slight problem. We have none! But believe us, that is a situation we fully intend to remedy. The subject of a future post: The Hattatt Collection.

    Splendid. We have much enjoyed this. Happy weekend too.

  3. Hi, and thanks for your sweet words:)
    Love the porcelain you´re showing here.
    Love your blog as well by the way:)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, your blog is absolutely lovely!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love milk glass, so timeless! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. It looks beautiful with brightly coloured flowers! I don't have any milk glass :(

  7. lovely especially these on the first image! happy new week, Stephie!

  8. i love milk glass. i found a vase made from it at an antique store that i treasure.

  9. I LOVE milk glass! One of my favorite things to decorate with :)

  10. Milk glass is so vintage and always reminds me the mid century modern design. So sorry, I am again so late with my answer.. Tomorrow we will go to the South of France. Will email after it. xoxo, Britta

  11. Thanks everyone - I am pleased that we are all milk glass fans!

    Jane and Lance and Ali - the challenge is on.

    Here's to new collections and a happy week!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  12. woooow didn´t know the name of it! (I love white things, specially white frames.... one day I´ll fill a wall with different ones... all in white) :D



  13. Thanks so much Norma! I am glad this post was educational (He! He!). I look forward to seeing your frame wall soon I hope! Stephie x