Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's take a look at...


some amazing furniture pieces created by the ever so talented Bo Reudler Studio.

There are -

some -

and -

as well as -

and my favourite, these -

I love these. To me these pieces would look right at home in any Tim Burton movie - which can only be a good thing!

They are all part of  the 

    "Slow White" 

collection. You can check out the rest of it here.

 I told you that this week it was all about white!

Wishing you a whimsical Wednesday,
Stephie x


  1. Tim Burton was also top of mind when I saw the first pic. Johnny Depp if I'm being honest, which morphed into Tim Burton by the end.

  2. Hello Stephie:
    The furniture seems to be alive with personality and would, most surely, add a quirky touch to any interior. Whether one would feel as if one had had one drink too many when looking in the mirror.....

  3. Hi Stephie,

    What an amazing furniture! It looks quirky, a bit crazy, like something out of fairy tale's.

    You're right they would look perfect in a Tim Burton movie or what about a new version of Alice in Wonderland?!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  4. These are incredible pieces of furniture! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad I saw these!!
    And thank you for your encouraging comment. I hope you find inspiration soon too!

  5. Hello STSP - you make me laugh! Truth be told though, I must also admit that Johnny Depp is the first thing that I thought of also. Can you blame us though really?!!

    Hi Jane and Lance - Quirky is right and definitely no alcohol - or hallucinogenics for that matter either - when using the mirror or any of the other pieces come to think of it!

    Glad you like it Madelief. I think you are on to something - a new version of Alice in Wonderland would be great. Tim Burton's was terrible. I feel so guilty for saying this - I usually love his work!

    I am so glad that you like these Shawna - they are great aren't they? No worries and here's to us both feeling a little more inspired soon - the weekend is almost here, that's got to help a little bit I hope!

    Happy Thursday everyone! Stephie x

  6. when I was a kid I wanted to decorate my room to look like an enchanted forest. this furniture would have been perfect!

  7. I agree Ali - it would have been perfect. Maybe it's not too late, you can always be young at heart! Stephie x

  8. Ohhh strange forniture look. Yes, perfect for a Tim Burton film
    Many hugs

  9. It is strange but strangely beautiful I think Kena! Hugs to you too, Stephie x

  10. Hi Stephie, i love this post. Well, i'm a bit late (busy,busy)but still it's beautiful!

  11. Thanks so much Ingrid - I am glad you like it! Stephie x