Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything is going to be...

     all white!

here at StephieB this week, starting with some lovely interiors.

White can be used to make a space -

clean and contemporary -

Images via: Design Home Interior, Style-ING w/Children and Apartment Therapy

or more country and cosy -

Images via: Lula Days, Comfortable Home and Home Klondike

white can make a sleeping space dreamy -

Image credits: Trinkets and Treasures, Daily Dream Decor and The Thrifty Cardinal

and create a sanctuary    in which to bathe -

Images via: Wayside Treasures and The Lennoxx

And although white has been used to create these fun     children's spaces -

Image credits: Maggy Moon Interiors, Country Living and Remodelista

I am yet to be convinced that white and kids are a good mix!

So there you have it, some monochromatic musings for you on a Monday,
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie:
    Although we have seen brilliant white used to great effect in some interiors, we rather prefer more 'dirty' whites ourselves. We believe that this gives an aged quality which is somewhat easier on the eye and, we feel, sits more easily with our 'shabby, knocked back' look.

  2. I love white interiors! They are my favorite! This is all beautiful inspiration.

  3. Hi Stephie. Sorry I have not visited for so long. I love these white interiors, they are so beautiful. My new house is all white. I am not sure if I will introduce colour in there. I always seem to regret it when I apint with colour, there is something so pretty about white with pops of colour in furnishings. I will let you know about white and kids, although I think white walls are quite easy to repaint. Hmm... xxx

  4. Hello Jane and Lance! I am afraid to say that a white interior at ChezB has gone down the same bath as the white bath towels - maybe one day! I am definitely with you though, I don't want to have to wear sunnies at home so the "dirty' whites are all right by me!

    Thanks Shawna, glad you like them! Loved the summer living post!

    Happy Tuesday, Stephie x

    Hugs, Stephie x

  5. Hi Tracy! It is so good to hear from you! I hope you will settle into your new place soon! I think white with "pops" of colour is great - you can always change things as the mood suits. I made my new kitchen white for this reason too! Your daughter is so gorgeous that I can't see white walls and kids at your place ever being a problem - I can't imagine that she could ruin them in any way! Time will tell!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  6. We're still renovating but everything is white. I can't imagine anything other than white anywhere now - calming and a perfect backdrop for modern and vintage finds.

  7. Love all these images Stephie! Hope you are having a great week! Martina x

  8. I really love all white, with some pops of bright color! I am with you though on the kids rooms, I don't think they would stay white for very long.

  9. Hi Deb! I can't wait to see some pictures, especially Dylan's room with the big science poster!

    Thanks Martina - even though it's really cold I am - hope you are too!

    Hi Victoria - me too! Hope you are having fun in San Francisco!

    Have a great week everyone, Stephie x

  10. That first bathroom is gorgeous!

  11. I have to agree! It is my idea of the perfect sanctuary :) Stephie x

  12. Hi Stephie, I've just known yout blog and love it!! congrats

  13. Hi Roberto! Nice to hear from you! Thankyou and I hope you will visit again, Stephie x

  14. ooooh ooooh ohhh you are killing me with this white stuff... (I want it all!!!!) I have a thing for white... even in my work... I like simple illustrations over white... or white illustrations over white... even my dolls dressed in white... oh oh oh and white frames and now milk glass added to my white lists of wishes.... white hug for you dear! :D

    (haven´t come for a while now, been so busy and it´s so nice... every time I come to your blog I smile and add stuff to my wishing list)


  15. I love it when you visit Norma - it's always good to hear from you. Thanks for the sweet words. I am glad that I make you smile!

    Hugs to you, Stephie x