Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You can...

"Happy in a Hat" Print by Poppopportraits


maybe you'd like to leave it on a hat stand instead?!

They make beautiful sculptural pieces in timber -

On the left: image via - Vix Emporium and antique wood hat block; in the centre: antique style wooden hat stand and on the right: vintage "Capital" hat block, Bowler Hat block and  vintage hat block on a turned base

 and metal -

Top row: wire hat stand, vintage metal hat block and vintage wire hat stand; Bottom row: 2 vintage velvet covered wire hat stands, vintage department store display hat stands and set of two vintage hat stands

or can be given a quriky twist -

Clockwise from the top left: vintage German figural hat stands, vintage 1950s "Whimsie" fashion cardboard hat stand by Dori, Stangl 1965 vintage hat stand, Painted hat blocks by David Weidman and painted vintage hat block

They are also a lot of fun when given a more contemporary take -

On the top: "Modern" hat stand and acrylic hat display stand and across the bottom: acrylic hat stand set with cork tops, Matitoni clothes and hat stand and "Jappo" hat stand

and look wonderful when collected -

Along the top: set of four vintage hat stands  and vintage milliners blocks; Bottom row: vintage industrial hat blocks, "Hat Blocks"and vintage English Oak hat stands

They really don't even need to be reserved especially for hats -

Gorgeous bow tie collection from Forage ( they are so clever!)

And don't forget -

"All your future lies
  beneath your hat"

                                                        (John Oldham)

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful,
Stephie x


  1. Hello Stephie:
    We love vintage hat stands but increasingly they are becoming more difficult to find and, when one does come across them, the prettiest ones are becoming much more expensive.

    The collections you show here are wonderful, especially the ones decked in bow ties. Such fun!

  2. Hello jane and Lance,

    I don't believe that I have seen a vintage hat stand in my travels for a very long time. I have a collection of one. I bought it at a garage sale for $5.00 a couple of years ago and I love it!

    Aren't the bow ties the best?! The couple that make them are just so clever. They can make the most simple of items into objects of desire with such skill and ease. I love their work.

    Hugs to you both and hope you are having a great week, Stephie x

  3. I will confess to having a major hat fetish (yet I only seem to wear them in extreme hot or cold weather)! I love the wooden hat stands - I agree they look cute without anything on them at all.


  4. Hi Stephie,

    I am glad I have a couple of hats in my cupboard. I don't use them much, but now and then in the garden or for a special event I enjoy wearing them!

    Lovely post!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  5. Hi Stephie
    Thank you a lot for the sweet words at my blog!
    I can see that you have an exciting blog, love the post about Kay Bojesen, the small words, the heading and of course the photos.
    I`ll be back!
    Hugs from Kaspara and Norway

  6. Hello! I particularly like the vintage wire hat stands. Hats don't suit me at all I'm afraid - I wish they did, they are a great accessory! Enjoy your week Stephie :)

  7. haha your posts are always new surprises! i dont think ive ever thought twice about a hat stand, but those wooden ones are really lovely.

  8. this post is beyond wonderful! I'm a hat lover...hugs to you, Stephie

  9. I love using them as a bow tie holder, what a great idea!

  10. Thanks everyone! I think the hatstands are a hit! It's funny how something so "ordinary" can become a thing of beauty when looked at in a new light. It doesn't matter whether you can (yay for us!) or can't (poor you Martina!) wear hats, I don't think that a hat stand would look out of place in anyone's home!

    Happy Friday everyone and thank so much for visiting - I love hearing from you all, Stephie x

  11. Hello! Just saw my collection of hat blocks in your blog. This was a really fun way to look at the sculptural quality of hats from the sources of their shapes...

    Love your blog,
    Sydney at Zazu & Violets' hats