Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello and happy Tuesday!

At the Tim Burton Exhibition

We had a wonderful time in Melbourne, enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather (unlike Sydney!), taking in the Titanic and Tim Burton exhibitions and doing a lot of eating, drinking and shopping!

Here are some photos that cover the "eating and drinking" part!

Yummy macaroons and pink lemonade at the fantastic Monsieur truffe

A nice pot of tea after a hard day's shopping!

And now for the "shopping"! We had a great time in Fitzroy. I think it's where I did nearly all my shopping! I bought some beautiful frames -

A gorgeous French colouring in book and a new purse -

And a vintage brooch -

Great name for a shop don't you think!

The shopping "highlight" for me however was provided by my husband who spotted these killer boots-

and bought them for me. I am a very lucky girl!

I hope that your weekend was as much fun as mine,
Stephie x


  1. Like the sound of the Tim Burton exhibition and I recognise the French book by La Marelle :)
    Thanks for voting!

  2. No worries Deborah. Yes, the Tim Burton exhibition was fantastic. I highly recommend it if it ever comes your way.

    Isn't the colouring book beautiful? The shop had matching pencils in lovely tins but I just couldn't justify spending $35.00 on coloured pencils!

    Stephie x

  3. You should have told your readers what you had to do to get me to buy them!

    Some times you don't need to 'walk a mile in another person's shoes', you just need to walk next to them while they complain about how much they hurt! ( ...and yes, Dear Reader, the painful boots went straight to the bin.)

    Glad you think they're 'killer' ...I'm a lucky hubby :)

  4. Those boots look like something from a Harry Potter movie! They are serious boots and seriously spectacular - what a great memento from a wonderful weekend away.

  5. You are right. They are a bit "Hatty Potter"! Yes they are a great souvenier and I will think of my wonderful weekend every time I wear them. Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear from you again!

  6. uuuu uuuu uuuu a Tim Burton exhibition!!!! you are really lucky!!!! :)

    love the frames too!!!!!!

    can I have a Macaron??? (looove them!)

    :) xox

  7. Hi Norma!

    So good to hear from you! Yes we were lucky to have had the Tim Burton exhibition here. It was amazing. I just loved looking at everything but especially the Alice in Wonderland costumes - so beautiful!

    I have plans to use the frames with some other "cardboard art". I hope to get it, and a few other things, done around the house before Christmas. Wish me luck!

    Aren't macaroons the best. I am glad that they are not so easy to come by where I live. I am quite short and would probably end up looking like a beach ball!

    Come back and visit soon,
    Stephie x