Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ikea Strikes Again!

Image via Design Crush

Trust Ikea to come up with a cookbook that looks soooo beautiful! Styled by Evelina Bratell and photographed by Carl Kleiner, instead of just listing the ingredients as you would see traditionally in normal cookbooks, the ingredients for each recipe are all beautifully laid out for your viewing pleasure -

Above images all via here
See what I mean? I don't even like cooking and I want a copy! Unfortunately it seems for now that it is only available in Sweden (sigh!) but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it makes its way here to Australia!

Happy Wednesday to you all,
Stephie x

PS - the title translates to "Handmade is Best". I for one agree wholeheartedly with that!


  1. I agree cant wait to see it Australia

  2. Hello there, good to hear from you. We can only hope can't we?!