Monday, March 7, 2011

Every Silver Lining...

has a cloud!

I know they can sometimes have ominous connotations but for me there is nothing nicer than a sunny blue sky littered with lovely white clouds. They look so comforting, like you could just curl up and have a little rest in them. So today...

let's look at clouds of the fluffy, friendly variety!

Clouds can be pretty and porcelain -

From top left: Happy Rain Cloud sculpture by PearsonMaron, Summer Cloud porcelain brooches, cloud tumbler by deepfired, cloud cup by villarrealceramics, "Six Clouds in the Sky" ceramic hand tile,  cloud window bowl by paper boat press, Snow Cloud necklace, miniature cloud factory

soft and cuddly -

From left to right:  Cloud cushion with gulls by lovemaki, knitted cloud cushions by elsyandvine, Moln cloud cushion, Cloud pillow with embroidery by bonjouralbane, Little Cloud cushion by poppyandted, "Hug A Cloud" by goodbyebluemonday

and they can adorn your walls -

 From left to right: Cloud Nine Garland by bunnyfuzz, "Rain Clouds" reusable wall stickers, Grey Cloud mobile by lepetitpapillon, Sophie's White Cloud paper garland, Crocheted clouds by stellamaria ,Woolly Rain Cloud by IgFrog, Sunshine and Showers mobile

There are clouds for girls -

Top left - "Let Go" print by ilovedoodle, bottom left - "Claudia and Her Pet Cloud" print by Thepaperboat , centre - "Through the Trees" by AFancifulTwist, top right - "My Red Umbrella" print by carambatack, bottom right - "Head in the Clouds" by lauraamiss

and some for boys -

"Little Explorer I" by cakewithgiants,  "Cloud Carrier" by allicoate, "Dad Makes Spaghetti Clouds" print by vireta

They can be educational too -

A Pictorial Guide to Emotions by themooncraft

Whichever way you look at them, I think that there is some "cloudy" goodness for everybody - I hope you found this guide to Nephology most useful!

Happy Monday,
Stephie x


  1. The cloud carrier might be my favorite photo ever! Love how pretty and whimsical it is- perfect for my very rainy morning!

  2. Hi Stephie !
    Gorgeous post ! All clouds are wonderful.
    I love the sculpture of PearsonMaron, is really beautiful and simply.
    Have a nice day
    Hugs Kena

  3. It's pretty isn't it? Your rainy morning sounds perfect! We haven't really had any rain here in Sydney for weeks!

    Thanks Kena! Me too - I am really smitten with the cloud factory. I have book marked it for another time when the budget permits some shopping!

    Happy Monday to you and talk soon,
    Stephie x

  4. It is most useful! Thanks for sharing all the clouds. Have a nice day.
    grt, Helmi

  5. I agree - I love how they add character to your day. Portland has the gray blanket verity at the moment, which isn't as lovely as your example. Thanks for reminding me about the silver lining.

    I love the cloud pillows, I would love to curl up there.

  6. So cute!!! I love the clouds! Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.

  7. pretty clouds! lovely idea, Stephie


  8. Thanks everyone! I am glad that you all like them! They are very pretty when they are white and fluffy!

    Hope you all having a "silver lining" type of week! Stephie x