Friday, March 18, 2011

This week....

 I, for one, have struggled to come to grips with the enormity of the disaster in Japan.

On Monday I quoted about hope and faith. Wednesday's post was devoted to green in honour of St Patrick's Day. Although it was not my intention that these two posts be related,  when my lovely friend Kena pointed out that green is the colour of hope, I decided that today I'd take a look at the colour traditionally associated with faith which is -

 In particular artists whose works feature blue and who are donating proceeds from the sale of their works to disaster relief in Japan -

Clockwise from top left: "Paper Boats" original photography print by LAccentNou, "Watch Your Step" fine art photo print by abcdimages, salt fired tumbler by ippuku, "Butterfly in Whimsical Garden" in green and blue by studionocoro, Envelope Collection Collage by erindollar, "If Aunt Fernanda was a Chair..." print by ohriginals, "Boat Reflex" photograph and "Blue Egg" photograph 

 Top row: "Little Explorer I" print by cakewithgiants,  "Japan Be Strong" print by GreenOptimist, "Love by Water" print by olivedear

Bottom row: "Celebration Life" print by zime, "Butterfly in Whimsical Garden" print, "Polar" print by zime

There are many other artists also donating proceeds from the sale of their works and all of them should be applauded for their generosity. It's nice I think to be able to purchase a beautiful piece of art that can remind you that both you and the artist have helped Japan to get back on their feet after such a terrible disaster.

May this weekend see you treasure the little things,
Stephie x


  1. Thanks for sharing buys for a wonderful cause, Stephie. We've both been affected in this house, the pictures coming over here are just heartbreaking and I can't begin to think how anyone must feel in that awful situation. I've definitely been counting my blessings this week. Hope you're well xx

  2. Dear Stephie : thanks very much by refering to is a great honor and thanks again for asking for my mother. She has good and bad days, but it is nothing serious. It is a muscular contract. Also thanks for your preocupation for the earthquake...Chile is a long and thin country (4200 km long) and the earthquake was in central zone, to 1300 kms distance where I live...
    Beautiful post and color of today...The BLUE colour is for we the colour of the peace. Congrats for all the artist and your generosity for the people of Japán. It is a great initiative.
    And of course you can ask the meaning of green sentence. Textually it is : Green that I love green" but it is a sentence in spanish.
    Your conmotion of the cause is japán is admirable. Thanks for sharing your sensibility.
    Have a great and beautiful week end near your family.
    Many hugs
    PD:I love the work of Olivedear.

  3. wooow I´ve been also having Japan in my mind all week.... and in my prayers... we forget we are so fortunates and I thank the universe we are safe... and for those in need may they have peace and be well...

  4. Thanks BB. It is so terrible and I am like you, just counting my blessings. In the big scheme of things, we certainly are very blessed.

    Hi Kena - glad to hear that you are OK and that your mum is too. I am glad that the earthquake was so far away from you. I am glad that you like the blue. It is very peaceful isn't it? Thanks for the translation but I think how it sounds in Spanish is so much nicer! I love OliveDear too. I thought that you might - the colours in her work remind me of you!

    Me too Norma. It's hard to get those images out of your head, it is just so heartbreaking. I am glad we are safe and I hope that Japan will be able to get back on its feet soon.

    Happy weekend everyone. I count having you as my friends as one of my many blessings, Stephie x

  5. so interesting, i had no idea blue was associated with faith.

  6. I didn't either Kimia so that makes two of us! I am glad that you are back safe and well. I hope you enjoyed your time away in Yosemite.

    Thanks Maria and the same to you!

    Stephie x