Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a little bit funny...

that I really don't like moustaches on guys (sorry!) but when it comes to them being used in ways artistic, suddenly I'm a big fan.

There are "staches" for walls -

Top row: moustache vinyl wall decal by kathwren, moustache poster by HamptonRoadDesigns

Bottom row:  Moustache embroidery hoop wall art by squackdoodle, "Groucho" photo print by capow and "Know Before You Grow" 100 moustaches for you to grow via gretchyisadinosaur

and for around the home -

Clockwise from top left: moustache embroidered pillow cover from thehandmadefair ,   moustache pillow "Sophisticate" by freakyfleece, stemless wine glasses by modernmadness, moustache mug set by Urban Antix, Moustache Man in Bowler Hat from digitaldlite and handpainted moustache egg stand set from kaoriglass

"Staches" to help you accessorise -

Clockwise from top left: Moustache/Beard Laptop decal by Elfie Lenor, "Got Stache?" tote bag by LittleAngelsJewelry, Movember "I Love Moustache" button pack from sprocketbox, mirror moustaches and "Identify a Stache" magnet set available from hownice

and, of course, "staches" of the non hairy kind to wear -

From the top left: yummypocket's "Fancy Moustache Pin", ,moustache mittens by SarahVonKim , moustache love necklace by Isette,  neckwarmer with moustache from Studio Cybele, moustache hankie by avrilloreti, moustache on a stick by somethingshidinghere and Isette's moustache ring

And, finally, where would we be without a little lesson in history?

from Etsy seller inkspills. I think I need to get this, I love it!

 So there it is, some moustache fun for you on a Monday!

Stephie x


  1. Ohhh.. I love the poster/Invitation with the mustache. I love that it looks like a little shy smile.

  2. i completely never thought of that. i do not like staches on men either! but love all this. love that 100 mustaches poster. what a great find!

  3. Hi Dear Stephie: How are you? I hope that ok
    Yay! this post is fantastic ! I love all the moustache that you show us...
    The history is amazing...
    I have a cat moustache...
    Your post make me happy !!!
    ( I'm sorry for my english:(... )
    Have a nice week and many hugs

  4. Thanks E! It's pretty cute isn't it?!

    I am glad I am not alone Amber Lee! I think the 100 Moustaches poster is pretty cute too. It was a close second to the "Historical Moustaches" one for me!

    Thanks so much Kena! Moustaches can be fun can't they? I think the history one is cool too. I am glad that my post has made you happy.

    Hugs to you all and here's to a happy week ahead, Stephie x

  5. Hi Stephie,
    You always find the funniest things! This is so original !!! I don't know if I have the time to write back before London, probably, it will after my stay with the latest news. Have a great week! xo, Britta

  6. hah! i dont like them on guys either...but i do love them in decorations. that mustache pillow is hilarious!

  7. Haha, yes I’m the same (Tom Selleck is the exception)...those mittens are fab!

  8. Thanks everyone. I am pleased that I am not alone when it comes to my views on the moustache!

    Sorry Kerry, not even Tom can change my mind!

    Stephie x