Wednesday, March 9, 2011


clouds for around the home!

Image via: Paco Pictures

Now I am not advocating that we should all go "cloud crazy" on the domestic front but after doing a little digging I have found some rather cool and contemporary pieces which I think would look great when used within the right context.

There are clouds for sitting -

Image via: While I work

and for lounging -

Cloud Sofa. Designed to look like it's floating! I love it! Via: The Design Blog

Clouds for resting drinks on -

"Cloud" table available from here

for storage -

Cloud Shelves by ibride

Available from Kiosk

for overhead -

Image via: designboom

Image via: Design Milk

and, of course, for resting your head -

"Cloud Bed" by Courtney Scott, image via Flickr

 See what I mean?!

And for those of you who might like to be a bit more adventurous, why not look at building yourself a cloud house? Seriously!

"Cloud House" image via here

"Cloud House Office" via:  Vida Futura

Maybe now you feel inspired to get a little "cloudy" at your place!

 Hope your Wednesday is wonderful,
 Stephie x


  1. Clouds! We've only just gotten rid of them Stephie, I don't want more!! ;)

    I love that first lampshade and the floating sofa, so fab! xx

  2. Hi BB!

    I would give anything for some grey clouds and rain here in Sydney - do you think that yours might be travelling our way? We haven't had any real rain in Sydney for ages!

    The floating sofa is way cool isn't it?!

    Stephie x

  3. Hi Stephie,

    Your cloud photo's make me laugh! Never known they could be such a source of inspiration. The top photo is my favourite. Those blue skies look great!!!

    Happy day & lieve groet, Madelief

  4. I love the cloud house office! Happy Wednesday to you, Stephie!!! xo, Britta

  5. wow...the last one...have a great weekend

  6. Hi Madelief! I like those blue skies too - such a sweet image!

    Hi Brit and Maria - me too! I know that I would be very happy to have a cloud office of my own.

    Hope you are all enjoying your week, Stephie x

  7. Wow funny furniture and objects...I love so much cloud shelves.
    Hugs Stephie.

  8. I think my favourite is the cloud chair - I could really see one at my place! Hugs to you too Kena :)