Friday, February 11, 2011

Rabbit fun...

for you on a Friday!

Now because this is my last bunny-related post, I decided to create some collages using, yes, you guessed it, rabbits. I bet you didn't see that coming!

So whether they are -

 black and white

Clockwise from the top: "I have a white balloon" brooch by Krize, Jackalope Silhouette wall decal, Lisa Chow's Rabbit Print, "How Much Longer is This Going to Go On?" print by hihorse , Bride and Groom Bunnies, Black and white Soft Bunny by Timor, bunny card and baby hare soft sculptures by Dragon House of Yuen.

colourful and bright -

Travelling clockwise: "Bunny Love" print by Lola and Bella, bunny cushion by Raine Style Home, Organic Tree Ring Rabbit Rattles, bunny plush creature by Kinchi, Screen printed vintage 70's retro fabric bunnies by Jane Foster, Little Bunny number two cushion, "crazy bunny" by Tuluz and "Ting Ting" the jackrabbit love creature by Look What I Can Do.

pastel and pretty -

From left to right: "No One Knows Where We Are" print by Margaret Meyer, "White Rabbit Ears" from Corella Design, bunny plate by The Storybook Rabbit, Irena Sophia's "Silly Rabbit" print, "Everybody Needs Somebunny" print by Euphorianchic, Cassia Beck "Bunny" print, "Today I Feel Some Bunny Loves You" plush rabbit, Wool and Water's "Little Thistle" paper doll, "Bunnies and Tea" print by Tabitha Emma.

grey and blue -

From top to bottom: "Hop Rope Bunny", "Incentive" silkscreen print, "Bunch of Bunnies" print by Bunny Dee, "Bunny Face", Chinese New Year Rabbit plush by The Pixels, rabbit animal dreamer by Fidoodle, "Rabbit Ear TV and rabbits", "Sports Bunnies" A4 print by hoppybunnies and "Brown Hare" mini print by Alice Rebecca Potter

or just a little left of centre -

From the top:  "Casper" art doll from Hannakin, Bunny Clothears from La Carnivale Extraorinaire, The Teaparty Guest Doll from A Whim of Mine , Timothy art doll from Elze, Daphnecellophane's "Rabbit Friend", "Super Cute Little Girl and Bunny", Hector Hare 1 from Not on the High Street, Cosette the Black Baby Bunny, "Pink Eye" bunny original artwork by Anna Tillett, Bunny Girls - rabbit dolls in the garden holga print

I hope that there is a rabbit out there that suits you! Of course, you could always go for the live variety but they require a little too much maintenance for my liking!

Here's hoping your weekend is cuddly,
Stephie x


  1. the are all lovely but i love the blue and grey :-) just come back from 2 days in London. Thanks you for your lovely comments. Hugs

  2. Hi Maria! So good to hear from you. I hope you had a great time in London - lucky you!

    Stephie x

  3. How cute! I love the bride and groom bunnies!

  4. Thanks Victoria - aren't they just? The shop is called "Bunny with a Toolbelt". How appropriate for this week!

    Have a great weekend, Stephie x

  5. These are much better than the real thing! Wow, what a super collection of bunnies! Unusual for me, but I think the selection of pastel ones are my faves! Have a lovely weekend Stephie :)

  6. aww! all these little bunnies put me in the mood for spring. thanks for introducing me to kinchi. I love them!

  7. Beautiful, i love the bunnie collection.
    Have a nice weekend.
    grt, Helmi

  8. Hello!! My virginvisit here! Found you through Ifralahell. Love your colour compositions. Love colour. Have a lovely sunday!! Greetings from Signe

  9. Just beautiful Steph! You have such an eye for colour, Lisa xx

  10. Hi Kerry, so good to hear from you and I agree, these are much better than the real thing. We used to have a rabbit. She chewed through my computer cables and terrorised our guinea pigs. So much for being cute and cuddly! Talk soon!

    No worries Amber Lee! Kinchi has some cute stuff don't they? Hope you are very busy with chocolate orders for Valentine's Day!

    Thanks so much Helmi and I am glad you like the bunnies!

    Hi Signe,

    It's so nice to hear from you. Ifralahell is such a beautiful blog isn't it? Thankyou for the lovely feedback and I am glad that you like colour too!

    Thanks Lise!

    Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments, you make my day! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends, Stephie x