Monday, February 7, 2011

To Celebrate...

Print from Eden Creative Studio

this week will be dedicated to all things leporine!

Today I want to share some bunnies which have been -       


 Knitted -

Sculpted -

and  painted -

All of these pieces are just beautiful and, to me, represent little "works of art" which would look fantastic in any home. It just goes to show that when thinking of rabbits, it doesn't necessarily have be with children in mind. We "big kids" can enjoy them too!

Happy Monday,
Stephie x

Sewn: Aren't these just stunning? Made by the very talented Marleni whose work I first discovered via here. You can contact Marleni directly if you would like to purchase one.

 Knitted: Lynn Jackson produces the most amazing pieces such as "Queenie" (above) by knitting copper wire. I don't know how she does it - I hope her hands are OK!

Sculpted:Bunny Art Sculptures by Artmind. Stylishly simple and very beautiful.

Painted: "Bailey Bunny" by The Cart Before the Horse. I just love their work, especially their Alice in Wonderland Series - it's fabulous!


  1. Hi Stephie,
    These are beautiful, thanks for sharing. Have a nice week.
    grt, Helmi

  2. Hi Stephie,
    that the year of the rabbit brings us lots of creativity.

  3. Thanks Helmi, I hope you have a great week too!

    I hope so Mari! Good to hear from you.

    Hope you are both well and talk soon,
    Stephie x

  4. Love the rabbits. They are all so gorgeous. Hope you have a great week. Julie

  5. Thanks for including our bunny :)
    Yay for the Year of the Rabbit!

  6. Thanks Julie! Same to you!

    No worries Jo, you know that I am big fan!

    Happy Tuesday to you both, Stephie x

  7. Hi Stephie, I am loving the rabbits. I especially love the ones hanging on the walls.
    Thanks for the comment. I worry as most women are not even as girls as me. Is it the same Audrey mug.
    Tracy x

  8. Hi Tracy! I am glad you like the rabbits! I think you should be as girly as you like - it's nice! I think it's the same mug, does yours have a matching lid? Talk soon, Stephie x

    Me too Victoria - I love a bit of red!

  9. Hi !
    Your blog is a beautiful discovery.
    I like all the rabbits.
    I add you to my favorite blogs

    ( My english is bad )


  10. Thankyou so much and it's so nice to hear from you! Hugs to you too, Stephie x