Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to...

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 This week marks the beginning of the new school year here at ChezB so today I thought I'd share some "school" finds that have a vintage vibe.

Of course we all know that they need somewhere to sit and something on which to write -

as well as supplies and learning aids -

but the most important thing that is needed at our house and I'm sure in most other homes too is -

From Etsy seller Maison Paulette

you guessed it, an alarm clock. Oh how they hate to get up in the mornings. Anyone would think that they didn't want to go to school at all. What's wrong with them?!

Stephie x

Sources: Three Potato Four, Etsy, LetterboxCo, Present and Correct and Modern50.


  1. This clock seems to be very loud!! I need one like this.

  2. Hello Steph,
    what what? school starts them now?
    Here in about 4 months is over and we hope
    end even winter, brrrrrrr! there is a cold!
    Beautiful pictures of objects schools but they
    row ... Wow!
    A hug

  3. Hi Mari, I think the louder the better for both of us. I am not good at getting up either!

    Hi Elizabeth! I love that desk too. Maybe school would have been more fun if we had had cute furniture like this!

    Me too Kimia:) How have your parents been going as photographers?

    Hello Susy. It's so nice to hear from you. Yes, we start school at the end of January here. It's usually so hot that I don't know how the kids survive. I would love to be cold, lets swap weather! A hug to you too, Stephie x

    I hope everyone is enjoying their week, hot or cold, Stephie x

  4. Me too! Have a good weekend, Stephie x

  5. Hello Stepie

    Thank you always for your lovely comments...
    I LOVE this post about school.
    Hope your children settle back to school after the loooong summer hols
    Isn't three potatoe four wonderful?..I could buy everything...and it's the only time I wished I lived in I can't afford the overseas postage lol!
    Love all you bunnie rabbit posts too ;-)


  6. Thanks Julie - it's always so nice to hear from you!

    Last week was our hottest on record - not a good week to start back at school at all! Thankfully it's much better for the kids this week and I hope we don't have to live through a week like that again for quite some time.

    I am like you. I love three potato four but can't afford the shipping - maybe this is a good thing?!

    Glad you like the bunny posts too. They are so cute, pity they are considered a pest here in Australia.

    Talk soon,
    Stephie x