Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay... Giveaway!!!

Most of you know I don't normally post today - I am pretty predictable aren't I?!  But since we're thinking "out of the box" and I can't wait any longer, here are the details on the giveaway from the wonderful, creative and generous Emma.

As I already mentioned, I have featured Emma's work before and now, courtesy of Emma, I am celebrating six months of blogging with a very special  giveaway - yay!

Thanks to Emma we have up for grabs some super cute monster postcards -

a very sweet pocket notebook -

as well as a ten dollar gift voucher and, last, but by no means least, a  One of a Kind  framed print titled "The Holidays".

Pretty amazing I think. All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog to be in the running. My lovely assistant will pick a winner next Friday, 25th February.

A big "thankyou" to Emma - I wish I could enter!

 Happy Thursday - where "G" is for "Giveaway", "Generosity" - Emma you are truly wonderful - and "Gratitude"  - I am so lucky that I have my blog -  it has enabled me to meet and befriend so many amazing people,

Stephie x

PS Don't forget to check out Emma's Etsy shop right here!

PPS Don't worry, I'll put all the goodies back "in the box" before I send it to the winner :)


  1. We would love to win some super cute monster postcards - I know exactly where I'd put them. Congratulations on 6months blogging and thank you for your continual support.

  2. Hello,
    They look like amazing cute things.Well done on your blogging. I am grateful for your comments and am enjoying discovering your blog. It is great to chat to people across the world. Thanks for your comments,

  3. Hi StephieB,
    I am a big fan of your work. Your use of colour and textures is just lovely and so imaginative. You have such wonderful, creative ideas that are 'doable'.
    I really like Emma's work too. She is also imaginative, not afraid of combining different mediums for her designs.
    Keep on blogging.
    Cheers, Sue

  4. AHH! Such lovely art below and charming notebook. So sweet. Nice to be in touch with you on the other side of planet earth. Spent 3 months in Australia. 1 month in Sydney worked at "The pig and the olive". Travelled aroud. Lovely country. Ever been to Norway? FREEEZING cold right now but lovely for skiing! Warm greetigs (rather ironic hehe) from Signe from Norway.

  5. Lovely art work, I especially like the notebook (but then I have a bit of a notebook fetish!). I'd love to join in please :) Bibs x

  6. Yay! Congratulations on six months of your lovely blog, Stephie! I would so LOVE to win these wonderful goodies. Happy weekend :)

  7. Hi Stephie... maybe these cute monsters want to come to Carnival in Rio!
    Thank you for the friendship and let´s keep on blogging!

  8. These things are just lovely so I'd definitely like to enter! Happy 6 months :-)

  9. Happy sixth month of blogging, Stephie! What a nice giveaway, so kind and generous of you to give it away. Those little monsters are really cute, I would love to have some at home ;o)
    xo, Britta

  10. Dear Stephie! It's been six months! Congrats!!! I love your designs and they inspire me so much to recreate my own room and design a few other things. Would love to win the awesome journal so I can pen my ideas down. Guess how I found out about ya ? from your lovely, sweet sister!
    *smile* Clarrie

  11. Hi Stephanie
    Congratulations on your 6 months, I knew you would do a wonderful job no matter what the challenge or how difficult you always seem to be able to make it all fit and look fantastic. Keep it up and keep inspiring us all with yours and others great ideas, this is a great site for giving the imagination a boost when caught out with a room that some of us have no idea what to do with. Fantastic job thanks.
    Karen Bungard

  12. Thankyou so so much everyone for your lovely feedback. It is always so nice to hear from you all and your comments make me very happy! Good luck for the giveaway. I will let you know who the winner is on Monday - it's exciting! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your support, Stephie x